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  • Section 4 – Roles and responsibilities (6-4-1)
  1. Director of History and Heritage (DHH). DHH in NDHQ has the overall responsibility for all matters dealing with badges. DHH Coordinator (DHH Coord), who is appointed Inspector of CAF Colours and Badges by the Chief of the Defence Staff, approves requests for new badges or changes to existing one and ensures regulations pertaining to their use are known and followed. Specifically, the Inspector of CAF Colours and Badges:
    1. reviews applications for all types of badges for entitlement and adherence to military traditions, customs and practices;
    2. forwards the applications, with appropriate comments and contact name, to the Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA) and authorizes direct liaison with the organization concerned to ensure mutual design agreement;
    3. for primary badges only, forwards copies of the original artwork to the organization concerned and its parent headquarters;
    4. holds the original artwork for all badges, colours, etc., produced by CHA for DHH;
    5. approves secondary and supplementary badge and insignia designs such as cap badges, collar badges, formation patches, etc., and forwards a copy of the badge and specifications to DSSPM for production and distribution;
    6. maintains sealed samples of all badges, insignia, accoutrements and other identifiers;
    7. ensures that only official badges, designs, symbols or other devices are used on service ships, vehicles, aircraft, buildings, signs, official correspondence, websites or other CAF material;
    8. following consultation with the affected commanders, authorizes reproduction of badges for commercial purposes.
  2. Commands/NDHQ groups, formations, personnel branches and units. Comds of commands/NDHQ groups, formations, personnel branch heads or unit Cos:
    1. review rules of entitlement to ensure a new or modified badge is authorized;
    2. submit a request to DHH as per the procedure set out in section 7;
    3. provide input as requested by the CHA herald assigned to develop their badge;
    4. exercise control on the use and reproduction of official badges and unofficial designs in their organization as per the regulations;
    5. authorize the reproduction of their badges for commercial use when appropriate.
  3. Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA). As per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place with CAF, the Chief Herald of Canada:
    1. designs badges in accordance with military practices, the rules of heraldry and the organization’s input, keeping DHH informed throughout the process;
    2. creates painted documents of primary badges;
    3. requests the Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada’s approval;
    4. records the badges in the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada;
    5. forwards the approved painted documents to DHH for distribution and holding.

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