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  • Section 12 – Unofficial emblems (6-12-1)
  1. Unofficial emblems are other designs, insignia or logos locally authorized by a commanding officer (CO) to recognize particular events, anniversaries or attainments of a temporary nature, e.g., sports meets and teams such as a naval field gun competition team. They may not be worn on military uniforms or be used to mark an organization. Only official badges are authorized to be used in this context.
  2. It is recommended that unofficial emblems incorporate or be based on the primary badge when appropriate to strengthen identity and cohesion. Royal emblems, such as the Royal Crown or royal cypher, cannot be separated from the other elements of the official badge. The use of royal symbols, other that the ones appearing on the official badge, is forbidden. Requests for exceptions must be justified and submitted to DHH.
  3. Subject to NDHQ group, command and branch policy, unofficial emblems, or logos, can be displayed on notepaper during the time period of the event for related purposes. Unofficial emblems shall not be used on official CAF correspondence as this undermines the value of official badges. Regulations governing Internet and intranet web sites are contained in Defence Administrative Orders and Directives 2008-6 and 6002-2.

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