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  • Section 13 – Cadet and junior ranger badges (6-13-1)
  1. Cadet corps have been organized on military lines since at least 1861 and are supported by, but do not form part of, the CAF. The Junior Canadian Ranger Programme is similar to the Cadet Programme. Local Ranger patrols organize and train Junior Ranger patrols in their communities with training emphasis on local values and traditions.
  2. Instructions for cadet badges are issued by NDHQ/National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group. In general, cadet badge use parallels that of the CAF. Cadet uniform and other secondary badges or insignia are described in applicable cadet regulations and cadet wear of CAF uniform items on selected occasions is noted in A-DH-265-000/AG-001, CAF Dress Instructions. See also Chapter 4, Annex A, for general information on cadet flags.
  3. Royal Canadian Sea Cadet and Navy League Cadet Corps. Each corps has its own badge or uses that of a namesake ship. Badge frames are that for a Canadian ship in Annex A, or the official or unofficial frame used by former British or Canadian namesake ships, differenced as follows:
    1. Cadet corps badges have red maple leaves at the bottom of the rope frame. HMC ship badges have gold maple leaves.
    2. Cadet corps badge name plates are gold with black lettering. HMC ship badge name plates use the livery colours of the ship.
  4. Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. Army cadet corps may have their own badges, use that of an affiliated CAF branch or regiment, or use a universal-pattern badge. If the badges of affiliated CAF units are used, a separate line or scroll shall always be added for the cadet corps to prevent confusion (see Section 10, para 8). The universal-pattern badge is described as follows: upon a maple leaf, the designation "RCAC" ensigned by the Royal Crown; on a scroll below, the motto "ACER ACERPORI".
  5. Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons. Air cadet corps squadrons may have their own badges based on a standard design frame with the centre following design practices applicable to air force units within the CAF (see Section 10, para 8).
  6. Junior Canadian Rangers. The Junior Canadian Ranger badge is worn on the shoulder and the sleeve. The badge is a red shield, bordered in green with a sprig of three green maple leaves with the words ‘RANGERS”, ‘JUNIOR CANADIAN” and ‘JUNIORS CANADIENS” inscribed in green respectively in the centre, top and bottom of the shield.

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