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  • Section 7 – Badge aproval process (6-7-1)
  1. A request for a primary badge or change to an existing primary badge shall be forwarded to NDHQ/DHH through the chain of command and shall contain:
    1. Command headquarters approval for a primary badge or a change to an existing primary badge and a copy of the organization’s CFOO (see Section 6, paragraph 1);
    2. A copy of the current or previous badge, if applicable;
    3. A brief description of the organization’s role, mission, tasks, etc;
    4. General themes to guide the creation of the badge. No sketch, draft or pre-approved designs are to be submitted;
    5. Any proposed motto (see section 14).
  2. If the request is approved by the Inspector of CAF Colours and Badges, it shall then be forwarded to the CHA (See sections 8 – Badge Creation Process and 9 – The CHA Development Process for Military Emblems (Badges, Flags and Others)).
  3. Badge frames are illustrated in Annex A and authorized for use by the Inspector of CAF Colours and Badges in accordance with military custom. Exceptions to the rule must be individually judged and justified based on unit heritage.
  4. The Inspector of CAF Colours and Badges will normally approve supplementary and secondary badges in accordance with military custom after consultation with the branch or unit. Signed illustrations shall be prepared and distributed to the unit or formation concerned, and kept in NDHQ/DHH. See also paragraph 5 and 7 below.
  5. In cases where new uses of the Royal Crown, Royal Cypher, or other royal devices are being proposed for either primary, secondary or supplementary badges, DHH shall refer these to the Chief Herald of Canada for approval by the Sovereign on the Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada’s recommendation.
  6. Where the frames of existing badges are adjusted to reflect new unit titles, or supplementary badges are similarly adjusted, the badge will be repainted by the CHA.
  7. The badge will be included in the next available edition of A-AD-267-000/AG-001 to 004, The Insignia and Lineages of the CF. That reference constitutes a public record of approved current badges. (Obsolete badges are retained in NDHQ/DHH files for reference. Inquiries may be submitted through the chain of command in accordance with established procedures).
  8. Requests for electronic copies (e.g. TIFF or JPEG) of original artwork may be made directly via email to DHH. The transfer of the badge in Vector format (i.e. EPS or A.I.) is the unit’s responsibility.

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