COP28 summary of outcomes

At the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), Canada and nearly 200 other countries reached a historic agreement on the Global Stocktake which calls for groundbreaking goals to triple renewable energy, double energy efficiency, and, for the first time ever, Parties reached a historic consensus to transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems. In addition, Canada fought hard so that the world did not backslide on the phasing out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and the phase down of unabated coal power—still the single largest sources of CO2 emissions globally.

Canada was one of the first contributors with $16M to the loss and damage fund that was adopted on day one of the conference, but had been subject to intense year-long negotiations. Canada also continued to champion the importance of delivering on broader climate finance commitments in support of global mitigation and adaptation efforts.

COP28 was the first UN climate change conference to host a Health Day, where global leaders came together to endorse the health and climate change declaration. Canada stands with its international partners in highlighting the risks that a changing climate poses to human health and is committed to playing an active role in global efforts to address these challenges.

Canada worked equally hard to ensure the importance of protecting nature to help fight the climate crisis. One year after Canada hosted COP15, Canada and partner countries secured recognition at COP28 that climate and biodiversity action are mutually reinforcing goals in the outcome text.

A complete summary of Canadian participation at the many COP28 events can be found by visiting daily highlights.

Over $67 million to help developing countries fight climate change

At COP28, Canada announced support for developing countries in efforts to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. Most of this funding is through its $5.3 billion climate finance commitment. Canada announced several initiatives amounting to over $67 million in funding including:

Loss and damage



Climate governance and capacity building

Halting and reversing biodiversity loss

New initiatives and partnerships

Canada joined several strategic initiatives and partnerships to advance climate action:

COP28 presidency-led initiatives

Canada supported all eight COP28 Presidency-led declarations, touching on important issues such as climate and health, agriculture, energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as many other important actions. Learn more about each declaration:

Collaboration and global support to reduce oil and gas emissions as well as methane reduction

Nature and biodiversity

International cooperation in the transportation sector

Collaboration and global support on decarbonization for industries

Collaboration and global action for clean energy solutions and achieving net-zero

Bilateral meetings and ministerial engagements

During COP28, Minister Guilbeault held bilateral meetings with a variety of ministers and partners, including:

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