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To tackle climate change we all need to do our part. That’s why the Government of Canada is investing in programs and incentives to help you take climate action. Discover hundreds of online resources to get you get started.

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Output-Based Pricing System Proceeds Fund Supports clean technology projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help decarbonize Canada’s industrial sectors, while returning OBPS proceeds to jurisdictions of origin.
Agricultural Clean Technologies Program Get funding for clean technology projects in Canada's agriculture and agri-food sectors.
Local Food Infrastructure Fund Get funding for projects that support a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada.
Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program Get funding supporting the Canadian agricultural sector's participation in the Government of Canada's policy objectives.
Agricultural Climate Solutions Program Get funding for projects that invest in natural climate solutions that will contribute to meeting or exceeding Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.
Geospatial Products Use the agriculture-related maps, geospatial data and tools to help you understand the geography of agriculture and make better decisions about agriculture.
Risk of contamination of live shellfish Find information on the hazards that can be present in live shellfish.
Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program Get funding supporting First Nations and Inuit projects that help people adapt to the health impacts of climate change.
Northern REACHE Program Get funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the North, such as solar, wind, energy storage and hydro to reduce reliance on diesel for heating and electricity.
Climate Change Preparedness in the North Program Get funding for projects that help assess the risk of climate change, and that develop hazard maps or adaptation plans.
First Nation Adapt Program Get funding for First Nation communities projects that address infrastructure and emergency management issues caused by climate change such as sea level rise, flooding and forest fires.
Climate Action and Awareness Fund Get funding to support projects that help reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, including projects focussed on community-based climate action, youth awareness, science and technology, and climate research.
Breeding Bird Survey overview Find information on trends of over 400 bird species.
Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk Get funding for projects that contribute directly to the recovery objectives, population goals of species at risk and to prevent others from becoming a conservation concern.
Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk Get funding to support the development of Indigenous capacity to participate actively in the implementation of the Species at Risk Act.
Indigenous Guardians Program Get funding to provide Indigenous Peoples with greater opportunity to exercise responsibility in stewardship of their traditional lands, waters, and ice.
Ecological Gifts Program Donate land or partial interest in land to a qualified recipient, to protect nature while receiving tax benefits.
Community Interaction Program Get funding to support projects aimed at conserving and improving the St. Lawrence ecosystem.
Atlantic Ecosystems Initiatives Get funding to improve the health, productivity and long-term sustainability of ecosystems in Atlantic Canada.
Migratory bird permits Find information, forms and permits related to migratory bird hunting.
Great Lakes Protection Initiative Get funding to support innovative projects that aim to protect the Great Lakes by restoring water quality and health and by preventing toxic algae.
Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Get funding to support collaborative efforts in improving the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg and its basin.
EcoAction Community Funding Program Get funding to protect, rehabilitate, enhance and sustain the natural environment.
Partnering and collaborating with the National Pollutant Release Inventory Collaborate with the National Pollutant Release Inventory team to raise awareness of the impacts of pollutants released into the air, water and land.
Plastics Science for a Cleaner Future Get funding to increase research on plastic pollution and its impacts.
Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan Get funding to address federal locations that are contaminated and pose the highest risks to human health and the environment.
Science Horizons Youth Internship Program Find help to hire university, college and polytechnic graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
BioKits Explore interactive guides to discover places across Canada, whether in the city or in a natural setting.
Canadian Centre for Climate Services Access climate data, learning resources and a Support Desk that can help you plan ahead and make informed decisions.
Things you can do to improve climate change and the environment Find ideas and activities that you can do in your everyday life to fight climate change and improve the environment.
Things you can do to help the environment Find out things you can change in your life, especially at home, to help the environment.
Managing conflicts with migratory birds Learn preventive and deterrent techniques to avoid conflicts with migratory birds.
Eight tips for protecting migratory birds Find out things you can do to help protect migratory birds.
Climate Action Incentive payments If you live in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta, Canada’s carbon pollution pricing plan puts money in your pocket. Claim your Climate Action Incentive payment when you file your 2020 taxes.
Biodiversity 101 Learn about biodiversity and how to conserve it.
National wildlife areas open to the public Find information about ten national wildlife areas you can visit across Canada and their activities.
Species at Risk Public Registry Search a list of species at risk in Canada.
Status of Birds in Canada 2019 Identify birds in Canada and their status.
Permits for species at risk Find information, forms and permit applications related to activities affecting wildlife species at risk of extinction.
Tips to help protect species at risk Find things that you can do to protect species at risk of extinction.
Permits for trade in protected species Find permits, notes, information and related links for trade in protected species.
Protect Nature Challenge Discover 31 activities to engage in to help nature and the environment.
P2 Finder (Pollution Prevention Resource Finder) Find hundreds of online pollution prevention resources that can help you protect the environment.
Health Canada's Healthy Home campaign Find tips, links and information related to encouraging Canadians to take action to protect themselves from the risks of chemicals and pollutants.
Science Behind the Scenes See glimpse of some of the work being done by Environment and Climate Change Canada.
Ask a Scientist Ask questions about the environment directly to scientists.
Environmental Damages Fund Get funding to support projects that will benefit Canada’s natural environment, including projects focused on restoration, environmental quality improvement, research and development, and education and awareness.
Indigenous Habitat Participation Program Get funding that supports Indigenous communities' involvement in the protection of fish and their habitat.
Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program Get funding that assists Canadian fisheries in implementing clean technologies into their daily operations.
Habitat Stewardship Program for Aquatic Species at Risk Get funding to support projects contributing to the recovery of endangered and threatened aquatic species.
Sustainable Fisheries Solutions and Retrieval Support Contribution Program (Ghost Gear Fund) Get funding to clean up fishing nets and commercial fishing gear, as well as plastic waste from oceans and rivers.
Small Craft Harbours Abandoned and Wrecked Vessels Removal Program Get funding for projects that remove abandoned and wrecked vessels, to protect Canada's marine environment.
Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program Get expert support on conserving and protecting fisheries for future generations.
Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (aquatic) Get funding to support Indigenous participation in the Species at Risk Act.
Canadian Extreme Water Level Adaptation Tool Use this tool to get sea-level rise projections for Canada’s coastline over the coming century and advice on how much higher to build coastal infrastructure.
HealthADAPT Get funding to support the health sector's understanding of and response to the impacts of climate change.
Municipal Asset Management Program Get funding that helps Canadian cities and towns make decisions based on reliable data and sound asset management practices.
The Federal Gas Tax Fund Get funding for projects that support local infrastructure priorities such as roads and bridges, public transit, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and recreational facilities
Innovative Solutions Canada Get funding to support innovative ideas and projects in many fields, including the Environment.
Clean Growth Hub Get help finding funding and information to advance Canadian clean tech projects.
Science.gc.ca Blog Read articles presenting news and information about environment and science.
Emissions Reduction Fund Get funding for projects aimed at reducing methane and other greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector.
Energy Innovation Program Get funding to support projects for clean energy innovation.
Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program Get funding for projects that deploy a network of zero-emission vehicle charging and refuelling stations in more localized areas where Canadians live, work and play.
Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative Get funding for projects working to establish fast-charging stations systems, natural gas refuelling stations and hydrogen refuelling stations in major metropolitan areas.
Green Construction through Wood (GCWood) Program Get funding to increase use of wood in construction projects in Canada.
ENERGY STAR® certification for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada Certify energy-efficient buildings in Canada to help reduce operating costs, increase asset value and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
ENERGY STAR® for Industry certification Benchmark your facility’s energy performance against similar facilities in your industry in Canada and the United States.
Investments in Forest Industry Transformation Get funding to create a more competitive and resilient forest sector with a focus on low carbon projects that result in new or diversified revenue streams.
Energy Efficient Buildings Program Get funding to support the development and implementation of building codes for existing buildings and new net-zero energy-ready buildings through research, development and demonstration initiatives.
Environmental Studies Research Fund Get funding for research programs that sponsors environmental and social studies.
Become an ENERGY STAR® New Homes builder Find information on how to become an ENERGY STAR® New Homes builder. ENERGY STAR® for New Homes builders construct energy-efficient new homes cost effectively using common building practices.
Become an EnerGuide new homes builder Find information on how to become an EnerGuide new homes builder, to help homebuilders evaluate their house plans for energy performance and provide customers with energy-efficiency upgrades.
Become an R-2000 new homes builder Find information on how to become an R-2000 new homes builder, to promote the use of affordable, energy-efficient building practices and techniques, clean air features and other measures to help protect the environment.
Become an NRCan-registered energy advisor Find information on how to become an NRCan-registered Energy Advisor, to deliver EnerGuide rating services for eligible homes in Canada.
Find an energy-efficient services provider for your home Locate an energy-efficient service provider in your community
ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Find resources for new homebuilders seeking to increase home energy efficiency.
EnerGuide-rated new homes Find out the benefits of acquiring an EnerGuide rated home.
Why Buy an R-2000 Home Find out the benefits of buying an R-2000 home.
Green Municipal Fund Get funding to support projects across Canada, which produce tangible benefits for communities through improved environmental, economic and social outcomes.
Fuel consumption ratings tool Identify the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your everyday needs.
ENERGY STAR® certified products Learn the benefits of buying ENERGY STAR® certified products.
How can I make my home more energy-efficient? Find resources to support energy-efficient homes.
Forest Change adaptation tools Find tools providing useful data about the impacts of climate change on Canada’s forests and on how to adapt to maintain both ecosystem services and timber supply.
Carbon budget model Use this tool to simulate the dynamics of all forest carbon stocks required under the Kyoto Protocol.
Become an energy-efficient builder Find information on how to become an energy efficient builder.
ENERGY STAR® Rebates and Incentive Directory Find ENERGY STAR® rebates and incentives available in Canada.
ENERGY STAR® certified products for commercial use Boost your bottom line with ENERGY STAR® certified commercial products – from data centers to kitchen equipment.
ENERGY STAR® in the workplace Resources to help green your workplace or business.
Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action Share your views on a five-year national assessment of how Canada's climate is changing, the impacts of these changes and how we are adapting to reduce risk.
Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program Get funding to increase action to adapt to climate change through skills building, knowledge sharing and regional collaboration.
Campus Clubs Find information on how to become a member or a volunteer leader for the campus club, an exciting initiative that increases awareness among youth about protected areas.
Research and Collection Permit System Find information for researchers wishing to apply for research permits in Parks Canada places.
Youth Ambassadors Information on how to become a Parks Canada youth ambassador, to inspire youth to experience Canada's natural and cultural heritage.
Volunteering at Parks Canada Find information on how to become a volunteer at Parks Canada.
Parka, Parks Canada's Mascot Discover activities for young children featuring the Parks Canada beaver mascot Parka.
The Nature Playbook Use this informative tool that includes actions to connect a new generation of Canadians to nature.
Ten Tips to Respect Wildlife and Stay Safe Find information about how to treat wildlife with respect and avoid human-wildlife conflicts.
T-shirt Wisdom on Climate Change: Ten Wearable Tips for Making a Difference Find out ten tips and ideas, both practical and inspirational, on what the ordinary person can do about climate change.
Reducing plastics pollution on shoreline Find information about ways to reduce plastic pollution on shorelines.
National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) Get funding for projects addressing rising flood risks and cost to mitigate the effects of flood events.
Oceans Protection Plan Get funding to ensure Canada's oceans are cleaner, healthier and safer for years to come.
Abandoned Boats Program Get grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters.
Incentives for zero-emission vehicles Find information on incentives for purchasing zero-emission vehicles in Canada.
Northern Transportation and Adaptation Initiative Get grants and contribution funding to help meet some of the challenges of climate change such as its effects on northern transportation systems.
Transportation Adssets Risk Assessment Get funding to assess the impacts of the changing climate on federally-owned and/or federally-managed transportation assets such as bridges, ports and airports.
Clean Transportation System - Research and Development Program Get funding to help reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation, marine and rail sectors.
National Trade Corridors Fund Get funding to support studies that explore the impacts of climate changes on the transportation infrastructure.
How you can prevent pollution Find information about behaviors and activities you can do to prevent pollution.
How to green your business by preventing pollution Learn about the 7 main techniques you can use to practice pollution prevention within your company.
Pollution prevention at school Learn general techniques you can use to prevent pollution at school.
Plastic waste reduction Discover how to take action towards zero plastic waste
Canada's national strategy for lamps containing mercury Learn how to dispose of lamps with mercury
Reserve Lands and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) Get funding to develop the capacity needed to manage and exercise increased responsibility over their reserve land, resources and environment under the Indian Act.
Indigenous Forestry Initiative Get financial support for Indigenous-led economic development projects in Canada’s forest sector.
Canada Greener Homes Grant: Home energy efficient upgrades Get reimbursment for up to $600 for the cost of pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations and up to $5,000 total for the implementation of eligible retrofits.
Canada Greener Homes Grant Get help to make your home more energy-efficient, to grow our domestic green supply chains or to become an energy advisor.
Computers for Schools Plus Donate to the program or make a request to receive digital devices and accessories.
Net Zero Accelerator Fund Get funding to expedite decarbonization projects, scale-up clean technology and accelerate industrial transformation.
Buying an electric vehicle Get information about electric vehicles to help you decide which is best for you.
My Tree Looking for a tree to plant? My Tree is a free app by the Canadian Forest Service that shows which trees will grow best in which Canadian locations.
2 Billion Trees: Mitigating climate change through tree planting Read about what nature-based solutions and how you can help mitigate climate change by planting trees.
Climate change and protected areas Learn about Canada's protected areas and various natural solutions for climate change.
Science and Conservation Learn how to help protect species, habitats and ecosystems.
Indigenous ecological knowledge Learn how Canadians are benefiting from traditional knowledge systems that have been handed down over many thousands of years.
Get Involved in Conservation There are plenty of ways to get involved to protect nature, find a few here to get you inspired to take action.
Energy efficiency for transportation and alternative fuels Find information on fuel-efficient vehicles and driving behaviours. Access tools, training, and technical expertise.
Plastics Pollution Learn about how Marine debris, including plastic waste, is a serious threat to our oceans, lakes and rivers.
Bringing Back Boreal – restoring forest health in the highlands Find out about restoring forest health to Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Food Waste Reduction Challenge Find out how you can participate in the Food Waste Reduction Challenge.
Low Carbon Economy Fund Get funding for projects that generate clean growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Canada achieve its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions-reduction target.
Become an ENERGY STAR® Canada Participant Join ENERGY STAR® Canada and become a champion of energy-efficient products.
Selling ENERGY STAR® certified products How to sell and promote ENERGY STAR® certified products.
Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program Get funding to build more community buildings and improve existing ones, while making the buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, more resilient, and higher performing.
Small Engine Emission Find out information about pollution from everyday tools, and actions you can take to help make our air cleaner.
Clean Fuels Fund Get funding for Indigenous-led projects to build clean fuels production capacity.
First Nation Infrastructure Fund The First Nation Infrastructure Fund (FNIF) helps First Nations communities upgrade and increase public infrastructure to improve the quality of life and the environment in First Nations communities.
Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program Get funding for long-term climate monitoring projects in Indigenous communities.
Canada’s Marine Conservation Targets Learn more about how we’re conserving and protecting Canada’s oceans for future generations.
Emergency Management Assistance Program (EMAP) Get help to access emergency assistance services on reserve.
Strategic Partnerships Initiative Get funding for Indigenous communities to participate in complex economic opportunities.
First Nations Waste Management Initiative Get funding to develop sustainable waste management systems in First Nations communities through modern infrastructure, operations, training and partnerships.

To tackle climate change, we all need to do our part. That’s why the Government of Canada is taking action to help protect our environment.

We’re reducing plastic waste.

We’re making our homes and buildings more energy efficient.

We’re building a cleaner, greener economy.

Find out how you can help leave a healthier environment for our kids and grandkids.

A message from the Government of Canada.

Our progress together so far

Banning harmful single-use plastics. Text description below

Zero-emission vehicles. Text description below
Greener Homes Grant. Text description below
Two Billion Trees commitment. Text description below
Text description

Banning harmful single-use plastics

Harmful plastics banned by the end of 2022:

  • Plastic microbeads
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Plastic takeout containers that are hard to recycle
  • Plastic ring carriers
  • Plastic stir sticks
  • Plastic straws

Zero-emissions vehicles

Canadians who have received up to $5000 from the federal government to make buying a Zero-Emissions vehicle more affordable: 127,695

Greener Homes Grant

New Energy Advisor jobs created across the country: 185

Two Billion Trees commitment

Trees planted so far across Canada: 30 million

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