Life events and your money

Life events and your money

Losing your job, living as a couple, buying a home, having children, getting divorced and more.


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Losing your job

Compensation you may receive, reviewing your budget, employment insurance and more.

Managing your money as a couple

Managing money, money conversations, insurance, legal matters, taxes and budgeting for a wedding.

Buying a home

Saving for a home, tax credits, closing costs, working with a real estate agent and more.

Selling a home

Setting a sale price, tax implications, working with a real estate agent or selling your home yourself.

Starting your first job

Managing your money, employee benefits, payroll deductions and employment fraud.

Renting an apartment or house

The costs of living on your own, budgeting for your move, having roommates and rental agreements.

Living with a disability

Managing your money, studying, tax credits, benefits and working with a disability.

Teaching children about money

Money concepts for different ages, including allowances, spending, credit cards and cellphones.

Notify the federal government of a death

Documents you need, whom to notify and what to do next.

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