Health science and research

Health-related science and research activities, opportunities for funding and professional development, partnerships and investments in research.

Services and information

About health research

What health research is, what it looks like in action, and how it's helping improve our health

Importance and promotion

About science and research, its importance, promoting awareness, Health Research Secretariat, Health Canada Science Forum, Amyot Lectures

Career resources

Science and research career opportunities in federal government and the federal science and technology community

Funding for health research

Biomedical, clinical, health systems services and population health research

Emerging technology

Biotechnology and nanotechnology research

Science advice and decision-making

Recommendations from scientists and experts on programs and policies

National Microbiology Laboratory

Public health infectious disease laboratory

International Depository Authority of Canada (IDAC)

Patent depository service for microorganisms

Compilations of research abstracts

The documents encompass in-house research including contracted social, physical and natural science activities towards the generation of new knowledge

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