Targeted Stakeholder Engagement on the Automated Sequestering of Criminal Records

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Virtual engagement sessions with key criminal justice stakeholders began on April 21, 2022, and are set to end by the end of May 2022.

The Government of Canada is exploring what would be required to implement an automated sequestering of criminal records (ASCR) system in Canada.

Who was the focus of the consultation

Public Safety targeted the following groups of stakeholders:

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The Government of Canada is committed to advancing reforms to the record suspension program by making record suspensions more accessible for individuals with criminal records who have served their sentences and are living law-abiding lives, particularly those from marginalized and racialized communities, in order to address systemic barriers, promote reintegration and ensure the system is fair and proportionate.  

The Government of Canada has taken recent actions to reform the record suspension program (see related information below). To further advance this priority, Public Safety Canada, in consultation with Portfolio agencies, is conducting targeted engagement in order to gain a fulsome understanding of what would be required to implement an Automated Sequestering of Criminal Records (ASCR) system in Canada. An ASCR system is understood to be a program by which a criminal record would be kept separate and apart from other criminal records, without an application by the former offender, after they have completed their sentence and certain additional conditions are met, as required by legislation.

This engagement intends to explore the benefits that an Automated Sequestering of Criminal Records system would have for individuals, in particular, marginalized communities, as well as the challenges. The engagement will target a diverse group of stakeholders, including municipalities, law enforcement, victims groups, non-profit groups, and organizations that advocate for marginalized and racialized individuals. These key stakeholders will be invited to virtual consultations sessions to be facilitated by Kūwiingu-néewul Engagement Services.

Federal, Provincial, and Territorial (FPT) engagement on the potential implementation of an ASCR system in Canada will be held at the director level and above through an FPT ASCR Working Group established under the umbrella of the FPT Crime Prevention and Policing Committee. The FPT engagement will seek to better understand the policy, legal, and operational considerations for the implementation of an Automated Sequestering of Criminal Records system.

What we heard

Final report

Automated Sequestering of Criminal Records: Parameters for a Canadian Approach

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