Who we’re looking for

Our strength lies in the quality of our personnel. Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) members are often placed in situations where their lives, or those of others, are at stake.

Ideal candidates must demonstrate:

  • maturity, in both their professional and personal lives
  • a high degree of mental and physical fitness
  • initiative and perseverance
  • self-confidence

Any Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who successfully completes the CANSOFCOM selection process and is eligible for service, can join the organization.

CANSOFCOM has members from all branches of the CAF and accepts members from all occupations to take on support staff or operator roles. Knowing someone within CANSOFCOM does not give potential candidates any advantage.

Reserve Force members may apply to become Special Forces Operators at CSOR, CBRN Operators at CJIRU, Special Operations Assaulters in JTF 2 and for specific Supporter positions in all units and the CANSOFCOM Headquarters. For more information see the CAF Reserve employment opportunities.

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