Privacy policies and guidance

Policy instruments and tools to policy instruments and tools support the administration of the Government of Canada’s privacy program. Learn more about the roles, responsibilities and best practices of government institutions subject to the Privacy Act in protecting your privacy and facilitating access to your personal information.

Digital privacy playbook

The Playbook summarizes important and timely privacy guidance in one place.

Privacy policy instruments

Policy on Privacy Protection; Directives on: Privacy Practices, Privacy Impact Assessments, Personal Information Requests and Correction of Personal Information, Social Insurance Number

Personal Information Request Manual

Reference tool to help ATIP Professionals interpret and administer the provisions of the Privacy Act and Privacy Regulations that relate to requests to access personal information, and to meet the corresponding requirements outlined in TBS privacy policy instruments

Access to Information and Privacy Notices

Notices providing guidance on the interpretation and application of the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act and their related instruments

Privacy Breach Management Toolkit

Six steps to consider when responding to suspected or actual privacy breaches

Taking Privacy into Account Before Making Contracting Decisions

Advice to federal government institutions whenever they consider contracting out activities in which personal information about Canadians is handled or accessed by private sector agencies under contract

Guidance on Preparing Information Sharing Agreements Involving Personal Information

Outlines common principles for the sharing or exchanging of personal information with other governments

Sample privacy notice for Government of Canada institutions

Template can be modified as needed based on the program or activity

Decentralized Publishing Requirements

Instructions for the decentralized self-publishing of Information About Programs and Information Holdings (formerly Info Source)

Form for the Statistical Report on the Privacy Act

Form to help institutions meet their obligations to submit statistical reports annually

Delegation under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act

Information to assist in the determination of appropriate delegation under the Acts

Cabinet confidences

Confidences of the King’s Privy Council for Canada: subsection 70(1) of the Privacy Act

Principles for Assisting Requesters

Ten principles to be followed when processing requests

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