Long-Term Disability summary

Long-term disability insurance benefits under the Public Service Management Insurance Plan (PSMIP-LTD) are provided to eligible employees of the public service, including eligible members of certain designated groups, who become totally disabled and are unable to work. The PSMIP-LTD covers employees excluded from collective bargaining, certain designated groups and associate members and executives of the public service.

For information on the other insurance benefits and/or compensation programs which may be available to you when you are absent from work for health reasons, refer to Workplace Health and Disability.

Public Service Management Insurance Plan Long-Term Disability

This summary does not contain all details nor describe all limits, restrictions or exclusions. Refer to your PSMIP-LTD section under the Public Service Management Insurance Plan (Document and the Main Plan Booklet/Executive Plan Booklet for additional details.


  • Mandatory coverage for full-time and part-time employees who are appointed for more than 6 months (part-time employees must work more than ⅓ of the normal work week) or who have completed 6 months of continuous employment

Enrolment and Effective Date

  • No application required
  • Coverage effective on the date you become eligible


  • Monthly taxable benefit equal to 70% of your monthly salary
  • Payable after 13 continuous weeks of total disability, or when your paid sick leave is exhausted, whichever is later
  • Benefits reduced by your other sources of income
  • Indexation up to a maximum of 3% annually to reflect cost of living
  • Rehabilitation provisions
  • Pre-existing conditions exclusion may apply if disability commences within the first 24 months after you become eligible for coverage
  • No benefits payable beyond age 65

Cost Sharing / Premiums

  • If you are an excluded employee, the Government of Canada pays 85% of the premium and you pay the remaining 15%
  • If you are an executive, the Government of Canada pays 100% of the premium
  • Provisions when receiving PSMIP-LTD benefits
  • Provisions when on leave without pay

Coverage ends automatically

  • When your employment terminates

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