Benefit plans

Group insurance benefit plans for public service employees include health, dental, disability and life insurance coverage.

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Public Service Health Care Plan

Optional health care plan for federal public service employees and their dependants designed to supplement your provincial/territorial health insurance plan.

Public Service Dental Care Plan

Mandatory dental services plan for federal public service employees and their eligible dependants.

Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan

Voluntary dental services plan for retired members of the federal public service and their eligible dependants.

Disability Insurance Plan

Mandatory plan that provides a 70% income replacement when you are unable to work for long periods due to a totally disabling illness or injury.

Public Service Management Insurance Plan

Mandatory long-term disability plan and optional life insurance for public service members who are executives or unrepresented or excluded employees.

Compensation for work-related injury or death

Learn about provisions for compensation for work-related injury or death for public service employees.

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