Greening Government Fund

The Greening Government Fund was established as part of the Government of Canada’s response to climate change. This initiative:

  • provides project funding to federal government departments and agencies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their operations
  • promotes and shares innovative approaches to reducing GHGs

The fund targets projects that:

  • are anticipated to reduce GHG emissions in federal operations
  • test or implement innovative approaches
  • can be reproduced within or across departments
  • pursue solutions in areas where GHGs are difficult to reduce

Project funding comes from departments and agencies that generate more than 1 kilotonne of GHGs per year from air travel and from departments that are below this threshold and contribute voluntarily. Only departments and agencies that contribute to the fund are eligible to access it.

As of January 2024, the Greening Government Fund has approved more than $55 million in funding for projects that reduce GHGs in government operations.


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Project Title
Completion Date
Sable Island Sustainable Micro-Grid Construct an innovative micro-grid power generation system consisting of PV solar array and efficient variable speed gensets at the Sable Island National Park Reserve, to reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Parks Canada Agency $800,000 Real Property 2025
Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment of Federal Buildings (WB LCA) for the Baseline Carbon Footprint Assessment of Buildings Conduct whole-building life cycle assessments on federally owned buildings to determine the baseline carbon footprint of conventionally constructed federal buildings. Public Services and Procurement Canada $835,000 Real Property 2026
Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) Demonstration Projects Pilot Ongoing Commissioning (OCx), a process of continuously monitoring and optimizing building performance, in 4 different federal buildings. When combined with Smart Building technologies, OCx helps preserve the GHG reductions resulting from other projects such as deep retrofits. Natural Resources Canada $880,000 Real Property 2026
Green Public Procurement Tool for Federal Asset Develop a search tool that enables federal organizations to search for and procure environmentally preferable products. Public Services and Procurement Canada $2,100,000 Procurement 2026
Setting up a Carbon Neutral Research Farm Replace the oil-based heating system in the Normandin Research Farm's main building with a pellet biomass heating system. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada $835,000 Real Property 2026
Heat Recovery and Control Optimization in an Existing Swine Barn Replace the ventilation system and controls at Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre’s swine barn with a new innovative Canadian heat recovery system designed for a dusty environment. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada $1,000,000 Real Property 2026
High Temperature Resilient Renewable Heating Systems Analyze integrated renewable energy and thermal storage systems to support the decarbonization of federal buildings with high-temperature heating distributions systems, considering different climate conditions and buildings’ archetypes Natural Resources Canada $300,000 Real Property 2025
Reducing Scope 3 GHG Emissions Associated with the Government of Canada’s Procurement of Scientific Equipment Quantify the environmental impact of the government's scientific equipment and develop tools to reduce the GHG emissions associated with the purchase, use and disposal of scientific equipment. Public Services and Procurement Canada & Environment and Climate Change Canada $1,350,000 Procurement 2026
Pilot Project for the Use of Low Carbon Concrete in a New Canada Revenue Agency Building Purchase low-carbon concrete for the new Canada Revenue Building in Shawinigan, Quebec and identify best practices for procuring low-carbon concrete. Public Services and Procurement Canada $25,500 Procurement 2024
Naval Electric Ship Technologies (NEST) Assess the feasibility of hybrid and/or all-electric solutions for Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) ships to reduce GHG emissions stemming from ship platforms and operations.
Department of National Defence $1,295,000 Fleet 2026
Ship Platform Exploitation of Energy Datasets 2.0 (SPEED 2.0) Optimize energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions for naval ship platforms through the development of ship energy machine learning and physics-based models and exploration of a ship energy digital twin for reduced fuel use. Department of National Defence $750,000 Fleet 2025
Remote Communications Sites - Future Energy Solutions Conduct a pilot project to evaluate emergent renewable and hybrid Power, Energy and Control (PE&C) systems at remote Marine Communications and Traffic Services sites operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. Fisheries and Oceans Canada $2,870,000 Real Property 2026
A Plan to Reduce Operational Carbon Emissions at Transport Canada Owned and Operated Airports Replace existing diesel-powered heavy equipment used in airport operations with low-carbon equivalents and evaluate their performance in harsh climatic conditions. Transport Canada $762,000 Fleet 2026
High-Temperature Heat Pump Demonstration Project Install and test a high-temperature heat pump with low global warming potential refrigerant at a Government of Canada building. Natural Resources Canada $75,000 Real Property 2024
Lake Heat Pump Feasibility Study Evaluate the feasibility of using a water-sourced heat pump to heat and cool Environment and Climate Changes Canada's Canada Centre for Inland Waters laboratory facility in Burlington, Ontario. Environment and Climate Change Canada $50,000 Real Property 2024
CFB 9 Wing Gander Electrical Distribution Capacity and Planning Assessment Complete an engineering study to determine Canadian Forces Base 9 Wing Gander’s electrical capacity and identify upgrades required to replace the base's heating fuel oil with electricity. Department of National Defence $50,000 Real Property 2024
Employee Access to Federal Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Conduct a pilot project and develop guidance for managing employee access to federal electric vehicle supply equipment. Natural Resources Canada $50,000 Fleet 2024
Novel and Provisional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Conduct a market and best practice scan of fleet charging solutions to address challenges to electric vehicle readiness at federal facilities. Natural Resources Canada $39,946 Fleet 2024
Depot Campus-Wide Heating Decarbonization Strategy Develop a decarbonization strategy for the RCMP Depot Campus in Regina, Saskatchewan. Royal Canadian Mounted Police $100,000 Real Property 2024
High-Temperature Heat Pump Pre-Feasibility Tool for Building Retrofits Provide technology options, increase awareness, and accelerate adoption of leading-edge high-temperature heat pump solutions for hydronic space heating system decarbonization and retrofit projects in federal buildings. Natural Resources Canada $1,950,000 Real Property 2025
Making Heritage Buildings More Airtight Quantify the role air leakage plays in the energy performance of heritage buildings and develop the business case for standardized air leakage testing in heritage retrofit projects. Public Services and Procurement Canada $1,284,870 Real Property 2025
Mount Nansen Solar Project Install two solar array systems, one with a storage battery, at the Mount Nansen Mine Site, an off-grid abandoned mine under remediation in Central Yukon. Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada $429,000 Real Property 2025
Distributed Electric Micro Grid Deploy an on-base microgrid with integrated battery storage and solar photovoltaic (PV) at Canadian Forces Base Greenwood. Department of National Defence $530,000 Real Property 2025
Living Lab at the Central Experimental Farm Conduct a feasibility study for a retrofit of the heritage-recognized Dominion Observatory at the Central Experimental Farm and develop a technical guidance document that advances efforts to improve energy efficiency and climate resilience in heritage buildings across Canada. Natural Resources Canada $200,000 Real Property 2024
Advanced Microgrids towards Artic Zero Emissions (AMAZE) Target GHG reductions at remote northern and arctic federal facilities through an innovative integrated systems approach that includes variable speed generators, thermal energy management, renewable energy systems and advanced microgrid controls. Department of National Defence $1,650,000 Real Property 2024
Greening Northern Houses Design and build an energy efficient residential unit, to serve as a demonstration project for future net-zero staff housing in remote northern communities. Parks Canada Agency $775,000 Real Property 2024
Enabling Portfolio-Wide Deep Retrofits of Buildings and Facilitating Low-Carbon Fleets through Additions to the RETScreen Software Enhance the RETScreen software to enable it to capture feasibility studies involving “deep retrofit technologies”. Natural Resources Canada $800,000 Real Property 2023
Advanced Control Strategies for CSA’s Space Centre Optimize heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) control systems in CSA’s Space Centre in St-Hubert, Quebec to reduce energy consumption and costs, peak electrical loads, natural gas usage and GHG emissions. Natural Resources Canada & Canada Space Agency $545,000 Real Property 2023
Optimization of District Energy System Operation and Sequencing Using Model-Based Predictive Controls Develop and test Model-based Predictive Control (MPC) strategies at two federal Central Heating Plants (CHP). The MPC strategies developed will reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions, while contributing to the development of automated algorithms that improve District Energy System (DES) performance more broadly. Natural Resources Canada $350,000 Real Property 2023
CFB Kingston GHG Reduction Project Design and install a net-zero heating source system in seven buildings to replace a steam heat source from an aged, gas-fired Central Heating Plant. Department of National Defence $621,000 Real Property 2023
Net-Zero Carbon Building Upgrade: St. Lewis Fish Management Satellite Office and Warehouse Install a solar-array photovoltaic system and geothermal heating system to increase the energy efficiency of the facility. Fisheries and Oceans Canada $596,000 Real Property 2022
Heritage Building Envelope Energy Efficiency Study Evaluate strategies for upgrading a heritage building’s thermal energy performance and develop a guide to improve building envelopes in heritage rehabilitation projects. Public Services and Procurement Canada $850,000 Real Property 2022
Net-Zero Central Heating Plant Develop a design to switch the fuel used in CFB Goose Bay’s central heating plant from number 6 heating oil to electricity. Switching to renewable energy at this site provides significant benefits as the oil-based facility generated 4% of DND’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Department of National Defence $850,000 Real Property 2022
Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in an Optimized Base of the Future Deliver a military base template that minimizes GHG emissions while respecting operational requirements. Department of National Defence $400,000 Real Property 2022
Bedford Institute of Oceanography Seawater Heating Install a seawater-sourced geothermal heat pump system at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to reduce natural gas use and GHG emissions. Fisheries and Oceans Canada $680,000 Real Property 2022
PV Solar Array to Offset Electricity Consumption in Jeremy’s Bay Campground Construct a photo-voltaic solar array at Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site, to offset electrical consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Parks Canada Agency $589,400 Real Property 2022
Ya Ha Tinda Horse Ranch – Hybrid Power System Install a solar microgrid to supplement the power supplied to the ranch’s buildings. The hybrid solar/diesel generator power system reduces GHG emissions and ensures reliable power in a remote, off-grid location. Parks Canada Agency $300,000 Real Property 2022
Net-Zero Carbon Detachment Re-Useable Designs – Small Detachment Develop a net-zero-carbon small detachment design for the RCMP that minimizes construction costs and can be replicated across the country. Royal Canadian Mounted Police $400,000 Real Property 2022
High-Temperature Heat Pump for District Energy Systems Develop, design and test a prototype water-to-water heat pump that produces high-temperature heat (80+°C) from mid- to low-temperature heat sources (0°C to 30°C). Natural Resources Canada $700,000 Real Property 2021
Solar Net-Zero Carbon Building in Kluane National Park, Yukon Add a roof-mounted solar array with a net meter to the net-zero trades building in Kluane National Park. Parks Canada Agency $240,000 Real Property 2021
Converting the HVAC System of an Existing Pig Farming Building to Include Heat Recovery - A Feasibility Study Conduct a study to examine the viability of retrofitting the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre’s pork complex with heat recovery units designed specifically for agricultural ventilation. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada $30,000 Real Property 2021
CO2 Cooling in Server Rooms Install a state-of-the-art CO2 cooling system and recover the heat produced in a planned server room renovation. Public Services and Procurement Canada $100,000 Real Property 2020
Driving the Government of Canada’s Information Technology Toward a Measurable, Low-Carbon, Circular Future

Reduce GHG emissions embedded in the Government of Canada’s information technology (IT) by:

  • instituting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and EcoLabel requirements for the procurement of IT goods and services
  • piloting a circular approach to IT hardware procurement
  • expanding RETScreen to quantify GHG emissions from Data Centres, Cloud and IT Hardware
  • completing Life-cycle Assessments to understand cradle to grave GHG emissions for high impact IT categories
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat & Shared Services Canada $1,252,000 Procurement 2025
Buyers for Climate Action (BCA) Establish a coalition of large green buyers to accelerate green procurement and supplier disclosure in areas such as net-zero and climate resilient buildings, low carbon construction materials, zero emission fleets, and green information and communications technology (ICT). The Greening Government Fund contribution supports the secretariat and projects such as the development of model specifications. Members represent large governments across Canada that have net-zero targets and are actively greening their procurement. Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat $500,000 / year Procurement Ongoing
Driving Public Services and Procurement Canada Procurements Towards a Low-Carbon Economy Develop a science-based tool to quantify GHG emissions associated with procurement. Public Services and Procurement Canada $700,000 Procurement 2023
Low-Carbon Assets Through Life-Cycle Assessment Develop a life-cycle inventory database and assessment guidelines to track a built asset’s life-cycle carbon and total cost of ownership. National Research Council Canada $4,000,000 Procurement 2023
From Landfill to Land Restoration - Composting in Waterton Lakes National Park Establish a composting system that diverts organic waste generated in Waterton Lakes National Park from the regional landfill. The compostable by-product will be used in grassland restoration projects around the park. Parks Canada Agency $550,000 Other 2024
Mechanical Composter to Divert Organic Waste from Landfill Procure and install mechanical composters and shredders at the headquarters of the Canada Revenue Agency and Global Affairs Canada to divert organic waste from landfill, reduce GHG emissions, and generate clean electricity. Canada Revenue Agency & Global Affairs Canada $521,500 Other 2024
Study on Potential for Using Organic Waste as an Energy Source Develop a circular approach for the sustainable management of organic residues at the Valcartier support base. Department of National Defence $200,000 Other 2021
Carpooling App Implement a carpooling app at Global Affairs Canada and evaluate its effectiveness at encouraging green commuting habits. Global Affairs Canada $62,000 Other 2021
Measurement Canada Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet Replacement Transition Measurement Canada’s existing fleet of six diesel fueled heavy-duty trucks to 100% electric powered vehicles by 2025. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada $1,323,000 Fleet 2025
Green Aviation INnovative Surfaces (GAINS) Develop and deploy micro-structured surface coating technologies to enhance aircraft aerodynamics and reduce aircraft drag in National Safety and Security air fleets. National Research Council Canada & Defence Research and Development Canada $750,000 Fleet 2025
Canadian Low Emission Aircraft Platforms (LEAP) Assess the feasibility of applying hybrid and/or hydrogen electric propulsion and energy technologies to the Royal Canadian Air Force National Safety and Security air fleet and the Transport Canada administrative air fleet. National Research Council Canada & Defence Research and Development Canada $775,000 Fleet 2025
Operational Data Analytics: A Demonstration of Benefits to Greening Government Marine Fleets Develop a baseline of the current performance and operating conditions of select Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) vessels and develop a proof-of-concept fuel consumption prediction tool to allow for greener marine operations and decision making within the CCG fleet. National Research Council Canada $871,880 Fleet 2025
Deploying Zero-Emission and Clean Fuel Powered Commercial and National Safety & Security Vehicles - From Assessment to Replication Identify, procure, deploy, and evaluate zero-emission and clean fuel powered vehicles for the light-duty National Safety and Security fleet segment. Natural Resources Canada $600,000 Fleet 2025
Electric Commercial Cargo Vans

Replace 6 gas cargo vans with commercial electric gas cargo vans. Global Affairs Canada $420,000 Fleet 2024
Interdepartmental Marine Fleet Low/Zero-Emission Initiative In partnership with DND, DFO, and Parks Canada, evaluate the performance of low/zero-emission engines in small government vessels (boats less than 15 meters in length) and identify vessel categories best suited for conversion to low/zero-emission alternatives. Royal Canadian Mounted Police $800,000 Fleet 2024
Electric Shuttle Buses Replace two gas shuttle buses providing service for employees between Place Vincent Massey and Fontaine buildings in Gatineau, Quebec, with 100% electric shuttles. Environment and Climate Change Canada $453,215 Fleet 2024
Canadian Coast Guard Vessels Fleet Analysis for Zero-Emissions Fuels
Conduct a study to understand the impact of combining different blends of low-carbon fuels (biodiesel and renewable diesel) with fossil diesel, and analyze how engine performance, design aspects and relevant equipment onboard may be affected. Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Canadian Coast Guard $246,955 Fleet 2023
Navy Ship Platform Exploitation of Energy Data (SPEED)

Optimize energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions for naval platforms. The project will accomplish this through:

  • developing an understanding of baseline energy use
  • developing and validating ship energy models
  • enabling energy-efficient operations by applying data analytics to ship platform power and energy data
Department of National Defence $1,570,000 Fleet 2023
Eagle Eye (Virtual Inspection of Cannabis Licence Holders) Conduct a pilot project to replace certain physical inspections, a significant source of carbon emissions, with virtual inspections. If successful, Health Canada will reduce travel-related carbon emissions while maintaining (and perhaps enhancing) regulatory oversight. Health Canada $151,753 Fleet 2022
Purchase of Two Electric Tractors Purchase two zero-emission plug-in electric tractors and install charging equipment at the Research and Development Centre in Summerland, British Columbia and Kentville, Nova Scotia. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada $204,400 Fleet 2020
Enabling Continuous Operational Energy & GHG Optimization for Federal Facilities Build automated greenhouse gas (GHG) management capabilities into the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software (RETScreen Expert). The improved daily, hourly, and 15-minute data analytics capabilities will enable continuous operational energy and GHG optimization for federal facilities. Natural Resources Canada $800,000 Real Property 2027
Ground Source Heat Pumps for Space Heating in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Buildings Install and test a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system in a federal building situated in the Arctic. The demonstration project and accompanying feasibility studies will be used to develop a design guide and pre-feasibility assessment tool for estimating energy savings under different climatic conditions. Natural Resources Canada & Department of National Defence $1,225,000 Real Property 2027
Towards a Carbon Neutral Transportation Experience at Point Pelee National Park Evaluate zero-emission transportation options to replace the existing compressed natural gas (CNG) and gasoline-powered shuttle system in Point Pelee National Park. A carbon neutral alternative can have four season capabilities that would facilitate increased year-round park visitation. Parks Canada Agency $150,000 Fleet 2025
Greening Grounds Maintenance Equipment in PEI Parks Eliminate fossil fuels from all ground maintenance activities by replacing gas and diesel-powered grounds maintenance equipment with zero-emission mowers and electric hand tools. The projects results will effectively reduce GHG emissions from PEIs ground maintenance activities, reduce noise and operational cost and will facilitate similar transitions for other Parks Canada administered locations. Parks Canada Agency $364,000 Fleet 2027
Low Embodied Carbon Materials for Standardized Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance Develop and test standards for low-carbon materials that meet the government’s forced entry and ballistic resistance security requirements. The project’s results will help reduce the embodied carbon associated with the construction of secure areas within RCMP detachments and other secure government facilities. Royal Canadian Mounted Police & Global Affairs Canada $605,000 Real Property 2027
Low Embodied Carbon Materials for Police Facilities with Detention Areas Identify and test the performance of low embodied carbon and carbon sequestering materials to determine their suitability for use in the construction of police facility detention areas. Results will be used to develop detention security standards that support greening government efforts. Royal Canadian Mounted Police $475,000 Real Property 2027
Case Study of Wood vs. Concrete Building for the Canada Revenue Agency Building in Shawinigan, Quebec Conduct a case study and life cycle assessment of the Canada Revenue Building in Shawinigan, Quebec to compare the climate impacts of wood construction with traditional concrete design and construction. The project will define the regional reference carbon footprint for wood construction products and consider solutions for increasing its use in large building projects. Public Services and Procurement Canada $350,000 Real Property 2026
Plastic Circular Economy for Floating Aids to Navigation Conduct a pilot project to manufacture new plastic buoys using the polyethylene recovered from existing waste buoy stockpiles. The pilot aims to demonstrate the feasibility of circular approaches and will reduce the embodied carbon of the Canadian Coast Guard’s plastic aids to navigation. Fisheries and Oceans Canada $750,000 Procurement 2027
Hydrogen Utilization for Canadian Coast Guard Vessels Provide Canadian Coast Guard with data on the technological feasibility of hydrogen (and select hydrogen carriers) as a fuel to deliver fleet emission reductions. The study will analyze hydrogen-based technology solutions as well as other factors to understand whether it is feasible, efficient and safe to incorporate hydrogen technology into Canadian Coast Guard operations. Fisheries and Oceans Canada $254,995 Fleet 2025
Feasibility Study on Forest Residue Gasification Conduct a feasibility study and life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) to assess forest residue gasification scenarios at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier. The results of this project would support a low carbon energy production solution to meet peak demand. The project also includes the development of calculation and analysis tools to enable other departments and provinces to conduct similar feasibility studies. Department of National Defense $200,000 Other 2026
Green Heat Microgrid as a Propane Replacement Replace the propane heating system in a Canadian Forces Base Halifax Building with CO2-based heat pumps and a commercial-scale electrothermal storage (ETS) system. The new system will draw power from a roof-mounted solar array and utilize a weather-driven predictive micro-grid controller to determine when to charge the storage system and draw electricity from the grid. Department of National Defense $730,000 Real Property 2027
Decarbonizing Research and Development Service Contracts: Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on a Large-scale Space Project Carry out a life cycle assessment (LCA) on an outer space project to gather relevant granular data on the environmental impacts of these missions, thus identifying opportunities for reducing embodied carbon and developing solutions for decarbonizing space-related R&D contracts. Canadian Space Agency $100,000 Procurement 2026
M Division Headquarters (MHQ) Life Cycle Building Assessment Complete a GHG reduction and life cycle cost analysis for the existing RCMP’s M Division Headquarters in Whitehorse, Yukon. The project’s results could be applied to older buildings in Whitehorse similar to the MHQ, and therefore reduce Yukon’s dependence on oil / propane. Royal Canadian Mounted Police $100,000 Real Property 2024
National Safety and Security Fleet Decarbonization Project Accelerate the decarbonization of National Safety and Security Fleet (NSSF) and other federal air and marine operations by conducting future pathways analysis, technical studies, market analysis, industry engagement, and by developing requirements for low-carbon fuel procurements and operations. Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat $500,000 / year Fleet Ongoing

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