Becoming a parent - Pension

Congratulations on becoming a parent! Whether through the birth or adoption of a child, the following information is intended to explain how your children are covered by the public service pension plan.

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  • What documentation concerning your children should you provide to the Government of Canada Pension Centre (Pension Centre)?

    You should provide proof of the age of your children to the Pension Centre as soon as possible. In the event of your death, the Pension Centre needs this information to provide benefits to your children. We recommend that you send the following documents:

    • Proof of age: A birth certificate issued by a civil authority, or a baptismal certificate. It must show the date of birth. In addition, the baptism must have taken place before your child was 5 years old;
    • Adoption papers;
    • Evidence of guardianship.
  • What types of protection does your pension plan offer for your children?

    In the event of your death, your dependant children may be entitled to a child allowance under the public service pension plan. To be eligible for an allowance, your child must normally be under 18 years of age. However, children between 18 and 25 may receive allowances if they are enrolled in school or another educational institution full-time and have attended continuously since their 18th birthday or the date of your death, whichever occurred later.

    The monthly allowance is equal to 10% of your unreduced pension for each child (to a maximum of 40%). If there are more than four children, the maximum combined amount payable may be divided among all the eligible children.

  • What is payable to the children if there is no survivor benefit payable?

    When there is no survivor benefit payable to a spouse or common-law partner, the child allowance is equal to 20% of your unreduced pension for each child, to a maximum of 80%.

  • Can you take a leave of absence to care for your children? If so, how does it affect your pension?

    You may be eligible to apply for a parental type leave. You can review your collective agreement and /or contact Human Resources to determine the types of leave without pay available to you. The effect on your pension varies depending on the type and amount of leave without pay you choose to take. Information on the pension implications of taking a leave of absence to care for your children can be found in the Leave Without Pay Information Package.

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