Your Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement

The Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement (Statement) provides you with information about your personal pension and insurance benefit entitlements and options.

Since 2015, the Government of Canada has not issued Statements due to data issues. They will be provided again once these issues are resolved.

Your pension and benefit eligibility and entitlements are not affected by the Statement cancellation.

Alternate pension and insurance benefit information resources

You can access pension and benefit information from the following sources:

Government of Canada Pension Centre: Contact the Pension Centre if:

  • You are retiring within six months and need a pension estimate;
  • You are leaving the public service and need a pension estimate;
  • You are experiencing a relationship breakdown and are dividing your pension;
  • You need information about a service buyback.

Compensation Web Applications (CWA) (available on the Government of Canada network only): Employees who have access to the Compensation Web Applications can use tools to estimate their pension entitlements using real-time data.

Basic Pension Calculator: Employees who cannot access the Compensation Web Applications can use the online Basic Pension Calculator. This easy-to-use tool provides estimates of pension entitlements using information a plan member inputs directly into the calculator.

MyGCPay: Employees can access MyGCPay to view pay and insurance benefits information (health, dental, and disability).

Client Contact Centre: Employees can contact the Client Contact Centre or their departmental compensation office for insurance benefits information (such as the Public Service Management Insurance Plan).

For general information about the public service pension and benefits plans:

Guides for your Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement (2015)

These guides will help you understand your annual Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement.

There are four versions of the guide presented. Select the version that corresponds to the title of your annual statement.

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