Publications about the public service pension plan

Various publications related to the public service pension plan.

Services and information

Annual reports

Access the latest annual reports for the public service pension plan, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowance Act and the Supplementary Retirement Benefits Act.

Liaison newsletter

Newsletters for retired members of the federal public service pension plan and group insurance benefit plans.

Your Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement

The Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement provides you with information about your personal pension and insurance benefit entitlements and options.

Annual pensioner’s statement

Find information for retired plan members concerning various topics on pension and group insurance benefits.

Information packages and kits for plan members

Information to help you understand your pension plan and the processes involved at different stages of your career in the federal public service.

Public service pension and benefits plans surveys

Reports providing results of surveys that assessed active and retired public service pension plan members’ understanding of their pension plan and their perceptions of their group insurance benefit plans.

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