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The following information is intended to provide you with an understanding of the potential survivor and child entitlements under the public service pension plan. In the event of death, your survivor or legal representative should immediately notify the Government of Canada Pension Centre (Pension Centre).

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  • Are your family members protected in the event of your death?

    Your pension plan offers several types of protection for your family. For instance, your eligible survivors and eligible children may be entitled to a survivor benefit and a child allowance.

  • Who is able to claim survivor benefits?

    A survivor benefit is payable to a surviving spouse and/or common-law partner. In the event that you are separated from your legal spouse but have a partner who may also qualify for an allowance, the benefit would normally be divided between the two applicants based on the period of cohabitation. You may contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre for additional information.

  • What documentation is required to make a claim for survivor benefits?

    For a legal spouse, a copy of the marriage certificate is required. For a common-law (same or opposite sex) partner, sworn statements and other evidence that demonstrates the conjugal nature and the period of the relationship are required. You may contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre for additional information.

  • Are there any additional death benefits that will be paid out?

    Yes. The Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) is similar to a decreasing term life insurance – the basic benefit is equal to twice your annual salary when you retire and it decreases by 10% annually starting at age 66 to a minimum of $10,000. The benefit is paid to your designated beneficiary and is calculated as follows:

    • Annual Salary × 2 (Rounded up to the nearest $1,000)

    Under the public service pension plan, there is a minimum benefit guarantee should there be no more eligible survivors or children. For more information, refer to Minimum Benefit.

Visit Public service group insurance benefit plans for information on benefits.

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