Retired members of the public service pension plan

Learn about your pension plan as a retired member of the federal public service.

Services and information

Newly retired

Find information about your pension benefits under the public service pension plan as a newly retired public servant

Reaching age 65

Find information about your lifetime pension and bridge benefit, and their relation to Canada and Quebec Pension Plans

Re-employment after retirement

Learn how your pension may be affected if you are re-employed in the federal public service after retirement

Getting married/reaching common-law status

Find out if your new partner is eligible for the survivor benefit under your pension plan

Divorce or separation

Learn about how a divorce or separation may affect your pension benefit

Living outside of Canada

Find information about your pension payments if you live outside of Canada

When death occurs

Learn about the survivor benefits your survivors and dependents may be eligible for in the event of your death

Plan information

Find information about the public service pension plan

Indexing rate

Find the most current indexing rate used to calculate annual pension increases

Pension calendar of events

Access information about your pension payments


Most common deductions that can be taken from your public service pension

Annual pensioner's statement

Learn more about the Annual Pensioner's Statement

Claims for Phoenix losses and damages

Reimbursement and compensation for damages due to the Phoenix pay system

Pension entitlement information packages

Pension information you will need when leaving the federal public service

Benefits for retired members: Plan members on or before December 31, 2012

Pension plan provisions in place until December 31, 2012 for retired members and their dependants

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