List of Superseded Policies

Policies and guidelines in this new Official Languages volume of the Treasury Board Manual replace all circulars enumerated below.

  1. Footnote 11972-134 of Educational Allowances for the Children of Federal Public Servants and Circular No. 1987-29 of : Educational Allowance
  2. Footnote 21977-46 of : Official Languages in the Public Service of Canada, except for Annex B
  3. 1978-2 of : Official Languages in the Public Service of Canada — Special Arrangements for the Rotational Foreign Services
  4. 1978-32 of : Audit of Official Languages Policies and Programs in the Public Service of Canada
  5. 1980-49 of : Required Improvements in the Implementation of the Official Languages Program in the Federal Public Service
  6. 1981-29 of : A Statement of Selective Policy Changes
  7. 1982-5 of : The Use of the Flexibility Afforded by the Official Languages Program in the Staffing of Positions with Disabled Persons
  8. 1982-6 of : The Federal Official Languages Policies and Programs within the Federal Public Service: Actions Required, 1982
  9. 1982-58 of : Scientific, Technical and Professional Publications in Both Official Languages
  10. 1983-30 of : Equality of Access to Employment in the Federal Public Service by Members of Both Official Languages Groups: A Clarification
  11. 1983-58 of : Official Languages and Geographical Names on Federal Government Maps
  12. 1985-33 of : Federal-Provincial Agreements in Both Official Languages
  13. 1987-58 of : New Symbol to Identify Locations Where Federal Services are Available to the Public in Both Official Languages
  14. 1988-31 of : Official Languages and Information Technology in Federal Institutions
  15. Policy on Management Category and Official Languages (Revised in 1990 before the cancellation of the Personnel Management Manual, vol. 5)
  16. Policy on the Use of Official Languages in Presenting Grievances (1977 Policy)
  17. Guidelines on Use of Media of
  18. Introduction to Equitable Participation of
  19. Introduction to Language of Work of
  20. Introduction to Program Management of
  21. Introduction to Service to the Public of
  22. Introduction to the Official Languages Program of
  23. Policy on Active Offer of
  24. Policy on Communications with the Public of
  25. Policy on Events of National or International Scope for the General Public of
  26. Policy on Language of Work in Bilingual Regions of
  27. Policy on Language of Work in Unilingual Regions of
  28. Policy on Communications Between Regions of
  29. Policy on Producing Texts in Both Official Languages of
  30. Program Administration of
  31. Using the Official Languages on Electronic Networks of
  32. Policy on the Identification of Functions and Positions or
  33. Policy Concerning the Language Requirements for Members of the Executive Group of
  34. Policy on the Staffing Bilingual Positions of
  35. Policy on Language Training of
  36. Participation of English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians of
  37. Directive on Language Training and Learning Retention of

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