Pensioners' Dental Services Plan

Learn about the Pensioners' Dental Services Plan (PDSP), a voluntary dental services plan for retired members of the federal public service and their eligible dependants (family members) for specific dental services and supplies not covered under a provincial/territorial health or dental care plan.

Services and information

Plan summary

Find a summary of the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan.

Life events

Learn about how your benefits may be affected by certain milestones (such as divorcing, re-employment after retirement) in retirement.

Find a form

Access Plan forms.

Submitting a benefit claim – Retired members

Questions and answers on how to submit a claim for reimbursement as a retired member to the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan.

Submit an appeal

Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan Appeal Checklist.

Contribution rates

Find the monthly Plan contribution rates.

Additional resources

Find out more about PDSP enrolment, rules and coverage.

Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan – Information notices

Most recent information and updates about the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan for the human resources community.

Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan Communiqué

Newsletter for members of the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan.

New dental plan administrator- Frequently asked questions

Information about the new contract and processes.

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