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6560 Hochelaga East, building 216
Montreal, Quebec H1N1X9

CFB Valcartier, building 521 (the bunker)
Courcelette,Quebec G0A 4Z0

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Montreal Region

Name: Captain Pascal Fortier
Telephone: 514-252-2777, Ext. 6155
Email: Pascal.Fortier@forces.gc.ca & 4CieRens@forces.gc.ca

Information Sessions: Information sessions are by appointment only and can be in-person or virtual (Microsoft Teams) depending on availability.

To make an appointment, please contact us by email or book online at https://bit.ly/4CieRenseignement  or at https://calendly.com/4cierens

Please note: All positions at the 4th Intelligence Company Montreal are presently filled.

Quebec Region

Please note: All positions at the 4th Intelligence Company Quebec are presently filled.

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Phone: 1-800-856-8488
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Military Vehicles

Computer Systems

  • Various models of laptop and desktop computers providing access to various specialized unclassified and classified networks in garrison and in the field.
  • Large format card printers

The mission of the 4th Intelligence Company (4 Cie Rens) is to generate and deploy, as directed, intelligence specialists and intelligence support teams in support of domestic and expeditionary operations mandated by 2 Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (East). Intelligence specialists must collect and analyze enemy, weather and terrain information to produce and present relevant intelligence to decision makers. When this is integrated into the planning cycle of military operations, it becomes possible to anticipate enemy actions and the course of their operations. Commanders can then make the best possible decisions to achieve their objectives while preserving troop lives and limiting material losses. Despite this broad and demanding mandate, most members of the unit serve as part-time reservists.

When you join our unit, you'll receive competitive compensation for part-time or full-time work. You'll also be eligible for on-the-job training that could benefit you in your civilian life. In addition, medical, dental and educational benefits are available to Army Reservists

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4 Intelligence Company
6560 Hochelaga East, building 216
Montreal, Quebec H1N1X9


CFB Valcartier, building 521 (the bunker)
Courcelette,Quebec G0A 4Z0

The 4th Intelligence Company (4 Cie Rens) was created in the spring of 1993, but officially inaugurated on January 28, 1995. Although the unit is very young, it has its origins in the Corps des Guides and the Compagnie cycliste, which served during the First World War, then in the 1st Intelligence Company (1948) assigned to the Quebec Command, and finally in the Section du Renseignement du Secteur de l’Est (1976). Ten years after its creation, on May 17, 2005, the unit inaugurated a platoon in Quebec City, which grew slowly until 2011, when recruitment accelerated.

From 2007 to 2010, following a decision by the 2nd Division, the Company created a Mobile Intelligence Training Team and an Intelligence Support Team to support intelligence involvement in the Afghanistan mission. After the end of the program in 2010, the unit regularly participates in various 2nd Canadian Division exercises and provides support to the 34th and 35th Reserve Brigades in Quebec. Between 2013 and 2014, two major changes affected the members of the unit: the relocation of the Quebec platoon to the bunker at the Valcartier military base and the long-awaited move of the Montreal group to building 216, still on the Montreal garrison. In 2014, the unit created the Groupe Principal à l'Entraînement du Renseignement lors de la Concentration Militaire (CONMIL), while supporting other participants. In 2018, the company reached 100 employees and has continued to grow rapidly since then. Since 2020, the company has received several awards for offering the only basic intelligence courses in French, under the supervision of the Canadian Military Intelligence School.

This is the strength of the 4th Intelligence Company: it supports the formations and units of the 2nd Canadian Division, while continuing its own training, and is the only reserve intelligence unit whose working language is primarily French.

Our Achievements

Throughout the unit's 30-year history, its members have participated in most international operations: former Yugoslavia, Haiti, Central African Republic, East Timor, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe. The unit has also participated in numerous domestic operations, whether during natural disasters such as the wildfires in Western Canada and the floods in Quebec, or during the Covid-19 pandemic. The unit also frequently trains in support of other reserve units, sometimes with international partners, including intelligence specialists from U.S. National Guard units. Today, the 4th Intelligence Company has 133 members stationed in the Valcartier and Montreal Island zones.

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