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The Correctional Plan Progress Report - A Guide for Victims: This intent of this guide is to provide victims with an overview of the Correctional Plan Progress Report, and some general information about how CSC works to change offenders' lives so they become law-abiding citizens.


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Transcript for video - Government of Canada launches Communications and Outreach Strategy for victims of federal offenders

PS McCrimmon: Hello, my name is Karen McCrimmon, I'm the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

PS McCrimmon: Victims have an important role to play in the criminal justice system and we have been listening to your concerns.

PS McCrimmon: We are working harder than ever to support victims of federal offenders. All while making sure that we have a corrections system that holds offenders accountable.

PS McCrimmon: Within the public safety portfolio, the Correctional Service of Canada, the Parole Board of Canada, and the National Office for Victims work together to provide you with the information you are entitled to.

PS McCrimmon: Together, the Correctional Service and the Parole Board of Canada have over 8,000 registered victims.

PS McCrimmon: Victims are entitled to receive over 50 types of notifications.

PS McCrimmon: In 2018, victims received 160,000 pieces of information through over 90,000 contacts.

PS McCrimmon: Victims also presented over 300 statements at parole hearings.

PS McCrimmon: The National Office for Victims offers information and resources to support victims of federal offenders, and can answer questions about the criminal justice system.

PS McCrimmon: The Office holds roundtables and meets annually with victim stakeholders to discuss victims' rights, and how they can best serve them. (Information, Participation, Protection)

PS McCrimmon: So what's next?

PS McCrimmon: We're launching a communications and outreach strategy that will make it easier for you to get the information you need.

PS McCrimmon: This includes a centralized resource online.

PS McCrimmon: We are also looking at ways to improve communications between victims and the federal government.

PS McCrimmon: I look forward to working with you to bring about positive change for victims of federal offenders.

Transcript for video - Commissioner Anne Kelly's address to victims of federal offenders: Victims and Survivors of Crime Week.

Commissioner Kelly: Hello, I'm Anne Kelly, Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Commissioner Kelly: Today marks the beginning of Victims and Survivors of Crime Week. The goal of this very important week is to raise awareness about the issues facing victims and survivors and recognize their important role in our criminal justice system.

Commissioner Kelly: We have received a lot of questions in the past about victims' rights, how the correctional system works, and what information victims of federal offenders are entitled to.

Commissioner Kelly: I have met with a number of victims and value the opportunity to hear from you.

Commissioner Kelly: I also know that more can and must be done to communicate better with you.

Commissioner Kelly: That is why I am pleased that the Correctional Service of Canada has launched a communications and outreach strategy that will make it easier for you to get the information you have a right to.

Commissioner Kelly: I hope you follow us on social media as we are looking to further engage with victims through this and other ways.

Commissioner Kelly: Thank you very much and I look forward to working together.

Fact sheet: Victim Services at CSC

This fact sheet gives an overview of the victim services provided by the Correctional Service of Canada. It is available in English, French, and in several Indigenous and ethnocultural languages:

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