Canadian donations and military support to Ukraine

Military Donations

Since February 2022, Canada has committed over $1 billion in military assistance to Ukraine.

We continue to actively look at what more we can do to support Ukraine. Minister Anand remains in close contact with Ukrainian officials through the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, and on a bilateral basis.

We deeply admire the bravery and courage of Ukrainians who are fighting to defend their independence and freedom, and we will continue to work closely with our Allies and partners to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and security.

Operational Support

Canada and Ukraine are close partners with a long-standing defence relationship. Operation (Op) UNIFIER, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) military training and capacity building mission in Ukraine, was launched in 2015 at the request of the Ukrainian government, and in 2022, was expanded and extended until March 2025.

Since the start of Op UNIFIER, the CAF has trained over 36,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel in battlefield tactics and advanced military skills. As the mission progressed, much of the direct training undertaken by CAF members transitioned to members of the Security Forces of Ukraine, with Canadians acting as advisors and mentors as well as assisting in the development of courses.

Over 300 CAF members are now deployed under Op UNIFER in various roles such as the provision and coordination of training, national command support, and the facilitation and delivery of military donations to Ukraine in coordination with Allies and Partners.

Canada's military contributions, including training, equipment, and transport, have been integral in Ukraine's counter offensive to-date, and we will continue to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to defend its sovereignty, freedom, and independence.

Since the invasion in February 2022, this has included:

Military Donations

Commitment to Ukraine Announcement
Delivery Source Details

Air Defence Missiles

March 15, 2023


CAF inventory

A new donation of 12 air defence missiles was sourced from CAF inventory. The 12 missiles are AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs).

May 25, 2023 Delivered

CAF inventory

Canada announced an additional donation of 43 AIM-9 missiles sourced from CAF inventory. This donation will help Ukraine to secure its skies in the face of ongoing Russian attacks.

A National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) and associated missiles

January 10, 2023

In Progress

Sourced from the US government for donation to Ukraine

CAF inventory

A National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) and associated munitions are being purchased from the United States, to donate to Ukraine, at a total cost of $406 million.

The United States will deliver the system on Canada’s behalf, and updates on delivery will be provided in due course.

A NASAMS is a short to medium range ground-based air defence system that protects against drone, missile, and aircraft attack, with a high success rate. Canada's NASAMS donation will help Ukraine strengthen its air defence systems against destructive air attacks on military sites, civilian critical infrastructure, and population centres.

As other NASAM systems are already fielded in Ukraine with trained operators, any required training will be conducted by Ukrainian operators.

Eight Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks

January 27, 2023

February 24, 2023


From CAF Inventory

Canada has donated 8 Leopard 2 main battle tanks (A4 variants), including spare parts, ammunition and training, in concert with key Allies.

These tanks were sourced from Edmonton, Alberta, and Gagetown, New Brunswick.

Canada sent the Leopard 2A4 variant of Main Battle Tanks (MBT), which shares a baseline commonality with the donations of other Allied nations.

The Leopard 2A4 is equipped with a 120 mm main gun with an effective range of 4 km, making it a mobile, powerful, and precise capability that allows an army to meet an adversary head on with superior firepower.

An initial allotment of 120 mm ammunition, sourced from existing CAF stocks, will be provided as part of this donation. Donor nations are working together to address sustainment and spare parts.

All 8 tanks were delivered via Royal Canadian Air Force CC-177 Globemaster III.

A Canadian Armed Forces team of trainers are in place training Ukrainian tank crews.

208 Armoured vehicles

April 26, 2022

The initial 8 vehicles have been delivered.

Procured by the Canadian Commercial
Corporation (CCC)

Canada has donated 8 armoured vehicles purchased from Roshel for Ukraine. These were delivered in May 2022.

Minister Anand announced in January 2023 that Canada will donate an additional 200 Senator commercial pattern armoured vehicles to Ukraine.

Senators are security task vehicles that are easily maneuverable and adaptable. The vehicles offer state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology and weapons can easily be mounted on them. These vehicles allow for the safe transport of personnel and equipment, and medical evacuations. The vehicles’ armour will help shield troops when they are unable to avoid danger. Details on the Senator vehicles themselves can be found on the company’s website

Roshel will be responsible for delivering the vehicles to Ukraine. Delivery is expected to be completed by summer 2023.

This donation is valued at over $92 million.

January 18, 2023 The delivery of the newly announced 200 vehicles is in progress.

39 Armoured combat support vehicles (ACSVs)

June 30, 2022


Procured by the Canadian Commercial
Corporation (CCC)

39 armoured combat support vehicles (ACSVs), including elements for repairs and servicing, and increased armour for better protection, were donated by Canada to Ukraine.

The specific variant is the Troop Cargo Vehicle (TCV).

Training for Ukrainian forces began on October 10, 2022.  

The CCC procured the vehicles from General Dynamics Land Systems Canada. GDLS-C also provided operator and maintenance training to the AFU to support this donation.

Canada continues to provide in-service support for the vehicles.

The donation is valued at approximately $245 million and includes 39 ACSVs, as well as add-on armour and a radio communication system for the ACSVs, and in-service support including spare parts, maintenance services, technical manuals, and training.   

Additional info, including images of the TCV, can be found at this link: Armoured Combat Support Vehicle.

1 Armoured recovery vehicle

February 24, 2023


From CAF inventory

A new donation of 1 Armoured recovery vehicle was sourced from CAF inventory.

Four (4) M777 Howitzer systems, spare parts and sustainment

April  22, 2022


Howitzers: From current CAF inventory

In April 2022, Canada provided four M777 Howitzers from CAF inventory. CAF members also provided training to Ukrainian Forces on the use of M777 Howitzers in spring 2022, in a third location outside of Ukraine.

June 15, 2022 Replacement barrels: Sourced from US government

The M777 lightweight 155 mm towed howitzer is lighter and smaller, yet more powerful than any gun of its kind. The M777 provides indirect firepower capable of accurately hitting targets at a range of distances up to 30 km.

Canada also donated 10 replacement barrels for the sustainment of M777 howitzer artillery guns.

155 mm Ammunition

April 22, 2022

May 24, 2022

October 12, 2022

February 24, 2023

March 15, 2023


Delivery details are in progress.

Sourced from the US government for donation to Ukraine, and from CAF inventory.

A total of approximately 40,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition for the M777 Howitzers have been donated to Ukraine to date, a value of over $60 million. Approximately 20,000 rounds of ammunition were sourced from the US Government, and the rest from CAF stock.

The donation of approximately 5,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition announced in February was sourced from CAF inventory.

The most recent donation of approximately 8,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition was also sourced from CAF inventory.

105 mm training ammunition

March 15, 2023


CAF inventory

Canada donated approximately 1,800 rounds of 105mm tank training ammunition which will support the donation of Leopard 1 tanks announced by Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

76 High-Resolution Drone Cameras

May 8, 2022

June 30, 2022

November 16, 2022

October 12, 2022


Procured by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

A total of 76 specialized drone cameras, a value of over $100 million, including in-service support and repair, were procured by CCC from L3 Wescam for donation to Ukraine.

Carl Gustaf M2 recoilless rifles and ammunition

March 9, 2022

April 22, 2022


From current CAF inventory

Canada donated approximately 100 anti-armour weapons systems - Carl Gustaf M2 recoilless rifles, as well as related accessories and scopes. This also includes more than 3000 rounds of 84 mm ammunition.

The 84 mm Carl Gustaf (Carl G) anti-armour system employed by the Canadian Army uses rocket-assisted projectiles, and is normally operated by a two-person team.

The CAF employs it primarily as an anti-armour weapon – mostly effective against light-armour platforms – though it can also be effectively used for other anti-material and anti-personnel purposes.

Given its relative light weight and portability, it is an exceptionally effective tool that continues to serve the CAF well.

Rocket Launchers and hand-grenades.

March 3, 2022


From current CAF inventory

Approximately 4200, M72A5-C1 rocket launchers have been donated to Ukraine. These are High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Self Contained Weapons.

The M72, is a short-range, single-shot, fire and throw away, weapon that can be used to defend against light armoured vehicles and structures.


  • Weight: 3.45 kg
  • Length: 780 mm
  • Maximum Range: Up to 350 m
  • Effective range: 220 m
  • Armament: 66 mm rocket

All M72 that Canada is providing are in accordance with established policies on shelf-life.

Canada has also donated over 7000 C13 hand grenades.

The total value of this donation is more than $7 million.

Winter Clothing and Equipment

October 12, 2022


Procured by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and from CAF inventory

Canada is providing more than 500,000 pieces of winter clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Approximately $25 million has been provided to source critical winter gear from Canadian industry. This includes 400,000 pieces of gear procured by the CCC from Canadian companies such as Kamik Boots, Royer boots, Stanfields, Solidwear, Mooseknuckles, Wuxly, Canada Goose and Superior Glove. This includes winter boots, parkas, thermal layers, gloves, socks and headwear (hats, balaclavas, neck warmers).

This donation also includes generators, energy storage devices, sleeping bags and thermal blankets.

An additional 100,000 pieces of winter clothing has been donated from CAF inventory.

The winter clothing was delivered between October and December 2022, and deliveries of other equipment is almost complete.

November 16, 2022 Mostly delivered (a few shipments remaining

Commercial Satellite imagery

March 3, 2022

May 8, 2022

November 16, 2022



Canada has funded approximately $22M to give Ukraine one year of access to high-resolution, modern, satellite imagery from commercial satellite imagery providers.

This is being done through a multilateral program that enables the rapid collection and dissemination of commercial satellite imagery to select partners. Through this program, Ukraine will receive imagery from commercial satellite imagery providers

This imagery will help Ukraine to identify the location and composition of Russian forces based on their priority intelligence requirements.

Satellite Communications Service to the Ukraine Government

October 12, 2022

In Progress


Canada has funded approximately $2 million for this project. This project provides dedicated and reliable satellite communications services to Ukraine government and non-government partners, including critical infrastructure, through a joint project between the DND/CAF, Communications Security Establishment and Telesat.

Small Arms and Ammunitions

February 14, 2022


Procured by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and from current CAF inventory

Canada has donated more than $10 million in small arms and ammunition, and other munitions, including:

  • Medium and heavy calibre sniper rifles and ammunition (some from CAF inventory and some sourced by CCC) – 78 sniper rifles in total
  • Machine guns (from CAF inventory) – more than 200 in total
    • Both light (C9) and medium (C6) machine guns were donated
  • Pistols (from CAF inventory) – 600 in total
    • Glocks
  • Anti-tank rockets (from CAF inventory) – 7,000 in total

This equipment also includes carbines, 1.5 million rounds of ammunition, and various related equipment.

This equipment was all delivered in March 2022.

April 11, 2023 Partially completed On April 11, 2023, Canada announced that it would donate additional small arms and ammunition to Ukraine, sourced from Colt Canada, valued at approximately $59 million. This package includes 21,000 5.56mm assault rifles, 38 7.62mm machine guns, and over 2.4 million rounds of ammunition to support these weapons as well as small arms already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Accessories and spares for these small arms are also included in this package.
April 21, 2023 In progress On April 21, 2023, Canada announced that it would donate 40 sniper systems (.50 cal) with ammunition, sourced from PGW Defence Technologies.

Other Non-Lethal Aid

February 4, 2022

February 27, 2022


Procured by the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and from current CAF inventory

Canada has donated a range of non-lethal equipment.

This includes more than 10,800 pieces of personal protective equipment such as ballistic helmets, night vision wear, gas masks and body armour, totaling more than $15 million. This also includes medical supplies and nuclear protective equipment.

This was all delivered in March 2022.

Other PPE such as fragmentation vests and helmets have been provided from CAF inventory.

Individual Meal Packs

March 1, 2022


From current CAF inventory

National Defence has donated more than 640,000 individual meal packs from CAF inventory.

NATO Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) Trust Fund April 21, 2023 In progress Purchased

On April 21, 2023, Canada announced that it contributed $34.6 million contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) Trust Fund.

This donation will:

  • enable the implementation of the NATO CAP fuel material project, which will provide Ukraine with 3.3 million litres of much-needed fuel supplies;
  • enable the implementation of the NATO CAP Improved Ribbon Bridge project – which will provide Ukraine with modular floatation bridge assets to enable wet-gap crossing; and
  • provide a first contribution to the NATO CAP medical first aid kits project.

**Disclaimer: this content was last updated on May 30, 2023. Please note that some details may change between updates.

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Military Operational Support

Operation Number of Personnel Details
Operation UNIFIER – UK Approx. 170 personnel

Recruit Training

  • Since late August 2022, two cohorts of trainers with a command and control element have been deployed to the UK, training Ukrainian recruits, in collaboration with the UK’s Operation INTERFLEX.
  • The Canadian-led courses last several weeks and focus on such topics as weapons handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, patrol tactics, and the Law of Armed Conflict.
  • To date, CAF personnel deployed in the UK have trained approximately 1600 recruits of the AFU.
Operation UNIFIER - Poland Approx. 50 CAF personnel

Combat Engineer Training

  • Since late November 2022, CAF Combat Engineers have been instructing Ukrainian sappers on basic and advanced engineering skills, such as engineering reconnaissance, obstacle breaching and demining operations.
  • To date, CAF personnel have trained approximately 450 Ukrainian sappers.
Approx. 25 CAF personnel

Tank Operator Training

  • Since early February 2023, CAF soldiers, working alongside multinational partners, have been training Ukrainian crews on the fundamentals of Leopard 2 tanks.
  • To date, the CAF has contributed to the training of approximately 170 members of the AFU, in collaboration with our Allies.
12 CAF Medical Technicians and Medical Assistants

Combat Medic Training

  • Since early March 2023, CAF members have been training AFU members as part of Polish-led medical training centered on advanced tactical medical skills and combat survivability.
  • To date, the CAF has trained nearly 60 members of the AFU
Operation UNIFIER-Latvia Approx. 12

Junior Officer Leadership Development Training

  • In mid-May 2023, Canadian Armed Forces and Latvian National Armed Forces members began training members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of a jointly developed program to train combat leaders.

**Disclaimer: this content was last updated on May 30, 2023. Please note that some details may change between updates.

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Relevant News Releases


Images and videos of the loading, transportation and delivery of various donation items is available through CAF imagery pages:

Note that media are free to use this content. Please credit the Canadian Armed Forces.

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