DAOD 3020-1, DND Vehicle Use for Ground Transport and Driver Licensing

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Provision and Use of DND Vehicles
  4. DND Driver Licensing Program
  5. Operation of DND Vehicles
  6. Road and Vehicle Safety
  7. Fleet Management
  8. Compliance and Consequences
  9. Responsibilities
  10. References

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2014-08-26

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).


Approval Authority: Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff (DOS SJS)

Enquiries: Strategic J4 Transportation (Strat J4 Tn)

2. Definitions

DND vehicle (véhicule du MDN)

Any vehicle for ground transport that is under the care, custody or control of the DND or the CAF. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 48059)

movement (mouvement)

The activity involved in the change of location of personnel and materiel.

Note – Movement involves a range of functions that includes planning, coordination and movement control, and utilizes transportation assets, related infrastructure and information systems. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 927)

transport (moyen de transport)

The means of conveyance, including infrastructure and requisite material handling equipment, for the movement of personnel and materiel. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 48070)

transportation (transport)

The system of infrastructure, organizations, facilities and equipment that is necessary for the movement of personnel and materiel during deployment, sustainment and re-deployment. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 1483)

3. Provision and Use of DND Vehicles

Vehicles and Personnel

3.1 DND vehicles may only be provided and used for authorized activities that support the mandates of the DND and the CAF. The establishment of DND vehicles and personnel to operate DND vehicles is limited to the minimum required to provide essential transportation services under normal conditions to all elements of a base or wing and any lodger units.

Transportation Authority

3.2 The transportation authority (TA) is the person at a base or wing responsible for the provision and use of DND vehicles and for other transportation matters, and for ensuring compliance with policies, instructions and directives issued by the (Strat J4 Tn).

Administrative Tasks

3.3 Commercial pattern vehicles must be used to perform administrative tasks. Standard military pattern vehicles may only be used as a last resort for administrative tasks at bases, wings and other units to meet special requirements due to terrain, weather or other circumstances justifying such use.


3.4 DND employees and CAF members must not permit persons in DND vehicles who are not authorized passengers. The definition of “authorized passenger” is set out in Chapter 2 of A-LM-158-005/AG-001, Transportation Manual.

4. DND Driver Licensing Program


4.1 The DND driver licensing program, described in Chapter 5 of A-LM-158-005/AG-001, is operated in order to:

  1. ensure compliance with the Canadian Driver’s Licence Agreement;
  2. minimize the risk to drivers, supervisors and the DND and the CAF as institutions; and
  3. ensure that all holders of a DND 404 driver’s licence are properly trained and tested.


4.2 Under the authority of the National Defence Act, the DND licensing program is administered in order to support the mandates of the DND and the CAF in and outside of Canada.

4.3 The final authority for the DND licensing program is the Strat J4 Tn.

DND 404 Driver’s Licence

4.4 The DND 404 driver’s licence is a legal driver’s licence under the Canadian Driver’s Licence Agreement that is issued on behalf of the D Tn. The licence permits DND employees, CAF members and other approved and qualified drivers to operate specific DND vehicles.

4.5 The local road and vehicle safety sections of bases and wings are licensing agents acting on behalf of Strat J4 Tn  and offer such services as the processing of DND 404 driver’s licences, training and testing.

Licence Suspension or Revocation

4.6 Possession of a DND 404 driver’s licence is a privilege not a right. The licence may be suspended or permanently revoked on behalf of the Strat J4 Tn, at any time in the interest of safety, by the applicable TA. The factors that may be considered in the suspension or revocation of a licence are set out in Chapter 5 of A-LM-158-005/AG-001.

5. Operation of DND Vehicles

Compliance with Provincial and Territorial Legislation

5.1 It is DND and CAF policy that DND employees and CAF members must operate DND vehicles in a manner consistent with provincial and territorial legislation.


5.2 As the Government of Canada can invoke immunity from the application of provincial and territorial legislation due to the division of legislative authorities under the Constitution Acts, the Chief of the Defence Staff may issue orders and instructions in respect of the operation of DND vehicles, in accordance with subsection 18(2) of the National Defence Act, that may be contrary to provincial or territorial legislation if it is necessary to carry out the mandates of the DND and the CAF.

Persons Who May Operate DND Vehicles

5.3 Only the following persons, when authorized and qualified, may operate a DND vehicle:

  1. permanent and term employees of the DND;
  2. CAF members;
  3. employees of other federal government departments and agencies, if authorized under a memorandum of understanding, other applicable arrangement or directive;
  4. contractors and locally employed staff, if their contracts provide that they must operate DND vehicles; and
  5. other persons as directed by the Strat J4 Tn.


5.4 It is prohibited for any DND employee or CAF member to operate a DND vehicle unless the person:

  1. holds a valid DND 404 driver’s licence;
  2. is qualified in accordance with A-LM-158-005/AG-001; and
  3. is authorized to operate the vehicle by their supervisor.

6. Road and Vehicle Safety

DND Road and Vehicle Safety Program

6.1 The DND Road and Vehicle Safety Program, described in Chapter 6 of A-LM-158-005/AG-001, has the following aims:

  1. reduction of the personnel and equipment losses resulting from injuries and damage sustained as a result of vehicle collisions;
  2. creation of safe conditions for the operation and employment of all DND vehicles;
  3. promotion and reinforcement of safe operating practices by DND employees and CAF members, both on and off duty; and
  4. enforcement of national safety standards in the following three main areas:
    1. mobile support equipment;
    2. armoured fighting vehicles; and
    3. transportation of dangerous goods by ground transport.

6.2 To achieve the above aims, all DND vehicle collisions and damage must be reported in the Fleet Management System (FMS).

7. Fleet Management


7.1 Fleet management is an element of transportation and includes DND vehicle validation (planning), acquisition, in-service management and disposal, utilizing a life cycle approach.

Fleet Management System

7.2 The FMS:

  1. is the official automated system used to assist DND vehicle fleet administrators and enable the single database reporting of all DND vehicle utilization;
  2. complies with the data collection requirements set out in the Treasury Board Guide to Fleet Management, Chapter 1: Light-duty Vehicles; and
  3. is used to manage and record the following:
    1. DND vehicle fleet activities and usage;
    2. the performance and qualifications of drivers of DND vehicles; and
    3. collision and damage reports involving DND vehicles.

8. Compliance and Consequences


8.1 DND employees and CAF members must comply with this DAOD. Should clarification of the policies or instructions set out in this DAOD be required, DND employees and CAF members may seek direction through their channel of communication or chain of command, as appropriate. Managers and military supervisors have the primary responsibility for and means of ensuring the compliance of their DND employees and CAF members with this DAOD.

8.2 DND employees and CAF members are accountable to their respective managers and military supervisors for any failure to comply with the direction set out in this DAOD. Non-compliance with this DAOD may have consequences for both the DND and the CAF as institutions, and for DND employees and CAF members as individuals. Suspected non-compliance may be investigated. Managers and military supervisors must take or direct appropriate corrective measures if non-compliance with this DAOD has consequences for the DND or the CAF. The decision of a level one advisor or other senior official to take action or to intervene in a case of non-compliance, other than in respect of a decision under the Code of Service Discipline regarding a CAF member, will depend on the degree of risk based on the impact and likelihood of an adverse outcome resulting from the non-compliance and other circumstances of the case.

8.3 The nature and severity of the consequences resulting from non-compliance should be commensurate with the circumstances of the non-compliance and other relevant circumstances. Consequences of non-compliance may include one or more of the following:

  1. the ordering of the completion of appropriate learning, training or professional development;
  2. the entering of observations in individual performance evaluations;
  3. increased reporting and performance monitoring;
  4. the withdrawal of any authority provided under this DAOD to a DND employee or CAF member;
  5. the reporting of suspected offences to responsible law enforcement agencies;
  6. the application of specific consequences as set out in applicable laws, codes of conduct, and DND and CAF policies and instructions;
  7. other administrative action, including the imposition of disciplinary measures, for a DND employee;
  8. other administrative or disciplinary action, or both, for a CAF member; and
  9. the imposition of liability on the part of Her Majesty in right of Canada, DND employees and CAF members.

Note – In respect of the compliance of DND employees, see the Treasury Board Framework for the Management of Compliance for additional information.

9. Responsibilities

Responsibility Table

9.1 The following table identifies the responsibilities associated with this DAOD:

The ... is or are responsible for ...

environmental chiefs of staff and group principals

  • managing, in accordance with applicable DND and CAF policies, instructions, directives and procedures, the use of DND vehicles and related resources within their areas of responsibility.

Commander, Canadian Joint Operations Command

  • managing the use of DND vehicles in support of national and joint plans, operations and exercises; and
  • coordinating the development of procedures for DND vehicles for deployed operations.

Strat J4 Tn

  • administering:
    • DND vehicle and driver licensing policies, instructions, directives and procedures; and
    • certification and recertification processes and standards;
  • monitoring compliance with DND vehicle and driver licensing policies, instructions, directives and procedures, and taking action and making recommendations to the ADM(Mat) as required;
  • managing the development of DND vehicle-related fleet management systems;
  • evaluating training requirements and competencies for transportation-related military occupations;
  • reviewing and providing advice on the optimal use of DND vehicle resources; and
  • notifying the DOS SJS  of any non-compliance with this DAOD.

base, wing and unit transportation officers and other persons acting as TAs

  • providing administrative support and control of allocated DND vehicles and related resources;
  • monitoring all DND vehicle and driver licensing matters at the base and wing level, including FMS data entry; and
  • ensuring that only personnel with required qualifications, as set out in A-LM-158-005/AG-001, are assigned at the appropriate level of fleet management within the organizations under their responsibility.
DND employees and CAF members who drive DND vehicles
  • driving DND vehicles in a safe, lawful and responsible manner in accordance with the safe driving course; and
  • complying with C-02-040-010/MB-001 and other applicable orders and directives.

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