DAOD 6002-1, Management of Information Technology

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2012-04-18

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).

Approval Authority: Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) (ADM(IM)) / Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Enquiries: Director Defence Information Management Planning (DDIMP)

2. Definitions

communication and information system (système de communication et d'information)

Has the same meaning as in DAOD 6002-0, Information Technology.

information management (gestion de l'information)

Has the same meaning as in the Treasury Board Policy on Information Management

information technology (technologies de l'information)

Has the same meaning as in the Treasury Board Directive on Management of Information Technology.

operational authority (autorité opérationelle)

Has the same meaning as in DAOD 6002-0, Information Technology.

security authority (autorité de sécurité)

Has the same meaning as in DAOD 6002-0, Information Technology.

technical authority (autorité technique)

Has the same meaning as in DAOD 6002-0, Information Technology.

3. Overview


3.1 The Profile of GC Information Technology Services provides a common vocabulary for the discussion of information technology (IT) processes and services. Effective and efficient management of these processes and services requires that clear accountability for each be identified.

3.2 Government of Canada (GC) policy establishes the minimum standard for how IT is to be managed; however, departments are expected to provide interpretation and expansion when addressing their own unique requirements.

3.3 This DAOD is part of the DND and CF IM and IT Policy Framework and should be read in conjunction with other relevant ADM(IM) policies, instructions, directives, standards and guidance.


3.4 The objective of this DAOD is to establish the roles and responsibilities necessary for the management, delivery and support of IT.

Expected Results

3.5 The expected results of this DAOD are the following:

  1. improved clarity, consistency and timeliness of IT direction;
  2. accelerated decision making for IT management issues; and
  3. increased accountability for the implementation and delivery of IT processes and services.

4. Responsibilities

Responsibility Table

4.1 The following table identifies the responsibilities associated with this DAOD:

The … is or are responsible for …

ADM(IM) offices of primary interest (OPIs) listed in paragraph 4.2

  • ensuring the effective and efficient implementation and maintenance of the IT programme management areas, processes or services they are assigned;
  • developing and recommending for ADM(IM) approval any guidance or direction that is required by the DND and the CAF;
  • acting as subject matter experts within their area of responsibility, and acting as advisors to the DND and the CAF within that role.

level one (L1) advisors

  • integrating IT solutions and services into the enterprise architecture;
  • overseeing compliance in their organizations with DND, CAF and L1 advisor policies, directives and standards relating to IT;
  • informing the ADM(IM) on issues and requirements relating to IT, including non-standard IT requirements and any that overlap with the functional areas of other L1 advisors; and
  • reporting any results or standards to ADM(IM) for assessment and promulgation when representing the IT interests of their organizations with other government departments, agencies and allies.

operational authority

  • identifying the strategic goals for a communication and information system (CIS);
  • identifying and prioritizing operational requirements for a CIS;
  • identifying operational restoration priorities for a CIS; and
  • identifying priorities for the operational use of a CIS capability.

technical authority

  • identifying technical requirements for a CIS;
  • delivering technology and applications to satisfy operational, technical and security requirements;
  • providing IT advice and recommendations to the operational authority and the security authority;
  • developing standard operating procedures for the technical administration of a CIS;
  • managing CIS configuration and assets;
  • maintaining predetermined service levels; and
  • preparing disaster recovery plans and restoring operations in accordance with operational authority priorities.

security authority

  • assessing risk specific to a CIS that is within their area of responsibility;
  • identifying CIS security and audit requirements; and
  • providing IT security advice and recommendation to the operational authority and the technical authority.

DND employees and CAF members

  • complying with all GC, DND and CAF policies, instructions, directives and standards in respect of IT.

IT Areas of Responsibility

4.2 The following table identifies the assignment of areas of responsibility for IT:

IT Type IT Category IT Sub-Category OPI

IT processes

IT programme management processes

IT governance

Director General Information Management Strategic Planning (DGIMSP)

IT planning


IT strategy


IT project management

Director General Information Management Project Delivery

IT service delivery and support processes

service and help desk


incident management


problem management


change management


release management


configuration management


service level management


IT financial management


availability management


capacity management


IT service continuity management


IT security management

Director General Information Management Operations (DGIMO)

IT services

distributed and production computing services

workstation service

Director General Information Management Technology (DGIMT)

desktop and office productivity suite


workgroup collaborative service


email and directory service


GC corporate- and programme-specific applications

Director General Enterprise Application Services (DGEAS)

file and print service


remote access


utility computing services


dedicated application hosting and management services


facilities management services


application and database development and maintenance services

application development and maintenance services


database development and maintenance services


deployment services


integration services


engineering and testing services


certification and release services


telecommunications (data and voice) services

data network infrastructure service


data network infrastructure service (classified)


inter and intra data centre network services


inter and intra data centre network services (classified)


voice network services


voice network services (classified)


call centre services


communications security (COMSEC)


5. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

  • DAOD 6000-0, Information Management and Information Technology
  • DAOD 6003-0, Information Technology Security
  • DAOD 6003-1, Information Technology Security Programme
  • DND and CF IM and IT Policy Framework
  • IM Policy Instruments
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