Appendix 1 - Movement of Extraordinary Items

Acceptance of Shipper Prepared Items

  1. The carrier shall accept the following items if you prepare them in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, or as outlined below:
    1. scuba diving tanks shall be emptied, the pressure valve removed and a dust cap installed;
    2. waterbeds and hot tubs shall be drained;
    3. combustion engine fuel tanks shall be drained;
    4. home fitness equipment shall be disassembled;
    5. baby/infant cribs shall be disassembled;
    6. outdoor articles embedded in the ground or secured to a building shall be removed, detached and cleaned;
    7. outdoor articles such as steel utility cabinets/sheds up to 12 ft x12 ft x 8 ft, swing sets, slides, sky rides, jungle gyms, satellite dishes, hot tubs/spas, garden and patio furniture and other outdoor apparatus of a similar nature including boats and watercraft shall be disassembled and cleaned.  The disassembled items must be able to fit inside a normal van;
    8. indoor articles such as steel shelving, pool tables, elongated worktables, counters, and saunas shall be disassembled and cleaned.  The disassembled items must be able to fit inside a normal van;
    9.  for all items (in particular those covered by sub-paragraphs f and g above), the carrier must advise you, in writing, at the time of the pre-move consultation which items are your responsibility to remove, detach, relocate to/from the curb side due to safety, due to accessibility and size issues that may compromise safe loading/unloading.  If the carrier fails to do so, all actions required to move the item(s) shall be the carrier’s responsibility;
    10. you must provide the carrier with instructions on how to disassemble and assemble items (e.g. shranks, wall units) and assist if necessary;
    11. the mechanical components of clocks (e.g. grandfather) shall be prepared for shipment by securing the pendulum, removing weights, and securing the chains;
    12. CD, Video Cassette Recorder, DVD and Blue Ray players or similar items shall be prepared for shipment by removing all removable storage media (e.g. discs, tapes and SD cards), if applicable;
    13. all batteries shall be removed from household items and disposed of appropriately;
    14. pool tables must be prepared for shipment as per manufactures specifications and moved to an area accessible to the contractor;
    15. packed by owner articles, provided that a carrier inspection takes place;
    16. all mechanical components of pianos shall be prepared for shipment and if necessary, due to size, moved to an area accessible to the contractor; and
    17. non-restricted firearms shall be prepared, documented, and packed in conjunction with the carrier and with strict adherence to federal regulations.

Items Accepted in Limited Quantities

  1. The carrier shall accept the following items in quantities not to exceed the limits below:
    1. empty bottles  (e.g. preserving jars, beer, wine bottles).  Limit: 100 lbs;
    2. major parts of a PMV/snowmobile/personal watercraft/ motorcycle assemblies /large components (including truck caps).  Limit: 500 lbs;
    3. building materials.  Limit: 500 lbs;
    4. hobby material and collections, (e.g. rocks forming part of lapidary hobby.  Limit: 500 lbs; and
    5. pet food and household consumables (i.e. food) Limit 150 lbs per category.

Items Accepted at Shipper’s Risk

  1. The carrier may accept the following items provided you agree that the carrier is not liable for any loss or damage to these items. The carrier will be liable for any damage these items may cause to other HG&E articles being shipped.
    1. house plants;
    2. dried flowers; and
    3. greenware.

Inadmissible Items

  1. The carrier will advise you during the pre-move consultation which items are inadmissible.  The following items are considered inadmissible and shall not be carried under any circumstances:
    1. commodities which are regulated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations or by other Federal and/or provincial laws, are not be moved with HG&E (i.e. pressurized containers, fuel, propane tanks, etc.);
    2. firewood;
    3. perishable goods;
    4. livestock and pets;
    5. aircraft, ultra-light, micro-lights, and associated parts;
    6. farm or construction equipment;
    7. hot tubs exceeding either 900 pounds or 300 cubic feet;
    8. above-ground swimming pools;
    9. saunas exceeding 152 cubic feet;
    10. outdoor fixed barbeques (brick, cement or stone);
    11. patio stones, ornamental rocks and concrete statues;
    12. trailers exceeding 12 ft in length by 8 ft width by 3 ft in height;
    13. boats exceeding 12 ft in length;
    14. personal watercraft;
    15. canoes and kayaks exceeding 18 ft in length;
    16. dog houses;
    17. ammunition and restricted firearms as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada;
    18. items on the Shipper’s premises belonging to a previous or current personal business (e.g. hair salon, upholstery, seamstress, tailoring);
    19. all types of outdoor fencing and outdoor animal enclosures;
    20. all types of outdoor wooden portable buildings such as sheds and gazebos;
    21. steel utility cabinets/sheds exceeding 12 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft; and
    22. liquids (e.g. cans of paint, sealed mason jars, beverages) which if ruptured or spilled could cause extensive damage to the shipments.

High Value Items

  1. If you plan to ship any items of special or extraordinary value, they should be noted on the High Value Inventory (HVI) supplied by the Carrier detailing the make, model and serial number if applicable. It is recommended that you assemble all these items in one area on packing day with the exception of items that require certification by a technician. The Carrier will review the HVI form with you for completeness.
  2. Proof of purchase and/or certified appraisals are required for articles such as oil paintings, prints, antiques, furs, art objects, collectible vehicles, matched sets, collections or other articles of high value. Items falling into these categories valued in excess of $5000.00 must be supported by written appraisals. Photographs are required when an article cannot be described in writing.
  3. The following items are not covered under the carrier’s insurance and should travel with you: accounts, bills, deeds, evidence of debt, letters of credit, passports, documents, house plants, green ware, stamp and coin collections, airline or other tickets, postage stamps, money, currency, bullion, notes, securities, manuscripts, parchments, awards, certificates, mechanical drawings, dies or patterns, precious stones, jewellery, dried flowers, or aircraft parts.
  4. If you have a valuable collection of books, sports cards, and/or collection of CDs, DVDs, video games, or videos, ensure that you have a complete list of the collection.  Give a copy of this inventory list to the Carrier and request their signature as acknowledgment of receipt. Failure to take these precautionary steps may result in claim processing issues.

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Recreational Vehicles

  1. The carrier shall transport the following recreational vehicles and other motorized equipment with the HG&E.
    1. All-terrain Vehicles (ATV);
    2. Snowmobiles;
    3. Motorcycles;
    4. Motorized tricycles or bicycles;
    5. Mopeds;
    6. Scooters, and;
    7. Boats less than 12 ft in length with inboard or outboard motors.

Items Requiring Specialized Handling

  1. If for safety reasons and/or to avoid unnecessary damage to the residence, it is determined that an item cannot be moved to or from a particular location in the residence without professional handling services, the carrier will:
    1. identify to you the items requiring specialized handling during the pre-move consultation; and
    2. You are responsible for having the items identified as requiring specialized handling prepared for shipment, including arranging for any special handling equipment needed to move the object such that the carrier can access it for loading.
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