This manual describes the profession of arms in Canada for the benefit of members of the Canadian Forces and indeed all citizens. It presents the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the profession, shows how in practice it serves Canada and Canadian interests, and codifies, for the first time, what it means to be a Canadian military professional.

Such a summary will help members of the CF fully understand their essential contribution to the security and well-being of their fellow citizens. Based on the profession’s unique role of providing for the ordered application of lawful military force in accordance with government direction, this contribution must reflect the highest standards of military professionalism.

Chapters One and Two address the profession of arms in theoretical terms and articulate a full statement of the Canadian military ethos. These sections describe the professional attributes of responsibility expertise, identity and military ethos, in particular the special role of the military ethos as a unifying force or spirit. The remaining parts of Duty With Honour explain how the profession of arms is practised on a day-to-day basis and frame the attributes of the profession in a strictly Canadian context. Here, all members of the Canadian Forces — commanders, leaders and followers — can see what their professional duty consists of and how it is to be performed. The manual concludes with principles to guide the stewardship of the profession and presents some probable future challenges.

Duty with Honour provides an understanding and vision of the Canadian military professional. Intended to be both inspirational and educational, it therefore establishes the intellectual and doctrinal basis for all personnel and professional development policies in the Canadian Forces. The Canadian Forces Leadership Institute is responsible for the management and updating of this manual, under the auspices of the Canadian Defence Academy.

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