How does IDEaS work?

IDEaS is built on three fundamental pillars: recruiting innovators (connect), supporting development (develop), and maturing innovative solutions toward adoption (evaluate).

IDEaS is composed of eight independent elements: five elements are designed to directly access the Canadian innovator community, and are facilitated by three enablers.

IDEaS has options for all innovators to connect, develop, and evaluate their solutions.

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    The graphic represents the different opportunities available to all types of IDEaS innovators, including:

    • CONNECT to other innovators
    • DEVELOP their innovations
    • EVALUATE their concepts and solutions

Did you know?

  • IDEaS aims to decrease the administrative burden that often stifles the development of timely innovations.
  • IDEaS functions exclusively through CFPs, which ask Canadian innovators to resolve defence and security challenges.
  • IDEaS eligibility is inclusive to Canadians, including small to large enterprises, academia, not-for-profit organizations, municipal/provincial/territorial organizations, and individual innovators.

Challenges published are derived from hard problems faced across the entire Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces. We fund innovators using procurement contracts, grants, and contribution agreements.

The IDEaS Program offers many opportunities to all types of innovators so that they can…

CONNECT to other innovators

  • Innovators can help refine defence and security challenges
  • Innovator collaboration is encouraged and supported to build capacity
  • DND/CAF subject-matter experts help guide innovators toward solutions
  • Applicants can collaboratively exchange expertise and knowledge

DEVELOP their innovations

  • Innovators can compete for developmental funding
  • Innovators can compete for contest prizes

EVALUATE their concepts and solutions

  • Innovators can test and demonstrate their solutions
  • Innovators can have their solutions assessed by DND/CAF

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