What is IDEaS’ purpose?

IDEaS facilitates DND access to external innovators as a direct complement to DND/ CAF’s existing investments. The program was designed to enable two-way access, and foster innovation, in order to increase Canadian defence capability and stimulate economic benefit. First, DND will access the extraordinary talent and ingenuity of innovators across Canada, including non-traditional players, seeking to leverage and integrate their expertise. Second, innovators will gain DND’s support through funding and guidance to help create capability and capacity for defence and security.

IDEaS will:

  • Access innovators – approximately 82%Footnote * of all Canadian research and development happens outside of federally funded programs; IDEaS will proactively seek to apply this expertise to defence and security challenges.
  • Support innovators – each of the IDEaS program elements is designed to encourage innovators to become invested in solving defence and security challenges.
  • Integrate innovator solutions – the program will find opportunities to integrate innovative solutions into DND/CAF.

IDEaS’ performance will be measured by how well its program elements access and foster external innovation, and by how those accessed solutions are adopted by DND/CAF and subsequently deliver new and improved capabilities.

IDEaS will meet these performance measures in several ways:

  • Connect DND/CAF challenges with Canadian innovators (industry, academia, individuals, etc.)
  • Leverage innovators’ technological expertise, developments, and innovations
  • Link innovative solutions to DND/CAF operators

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