What are IDEaS’ future plans?

An IDEaS representative speaking with an interested person at a conference display booth.

Looking forward, the IDEaS team intends to build on the progress and achievements from the program’s first year in operation. We will continue to emphasize themes of access and transparency. We will maintain our endeavours to recruit innovators and support innovation. We look forward to increasing our efforts in maturing solutions into tangible defence capabilities. Below are several specific activities we anticipate undertaking in 2019-2020.


  • Complete the launch of all eight IDEaS elements.
  • Continue with our regular CFPs with the existing elements.
  • Continue exploring even more flexible and agile contracting mechanisms.
  • Continue and step up our promotion and outreach campaign:
    • Increase the quantity of engagement/ promotion activities and publicize them on the IDEaS web page.
    • Hold the first Innovation Networks Symposium for network participants, and lay the groundwork for the symposium to become a place to discuss all things “IDEaS”.
  • Improve IDEaS’ online and social-media presence:
    • Develop a web-based dashboard to show IDEaS impact, results, funding.
    • Enhance awareness of IDEaS through informative video vignettes, tutorials to aid innovators to create their submissions, and future-opportunities postings.
  • Enhance metrics:
    • Share innovators’ success stories.
    • Improve the ease of submission and participation for innovators.

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