Outreach and Engagement

IDEaS has worked, through internal and external networking, to create an extensive innovation ecosystem throughout the country. This approach allows for enhanced adaptation to various defence and security challenges by connecting every members of the Canadian innovation community, from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to big industry, to academia and other institutions.

SSE Connection

The program focuses on anticipating and adapting to defence challenges  and presenting such topics to a wide range of innovators. This approach puts  ideas at the forefront of innovation and enables the quick spread of knowledge.

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    The above bar charts are statistical representations of the number of various event types

    • Type of Event
      • 85 Presentation Events
      • 60 Booth Events
      • 10 Networking Events
      • 12 Meeting Events
      • 15 Speaker Events
      • 35 Other Events
    • Public and Private Events
      • 10 Private Events
      • 165 Public Events
    • Event Organizers
      • 74 IDEaS
      • 101 OSME

The IDEaS website is our portal to the world of innovators. All challenges we release are published on our website, along with updates from elements such as Contests, Sandboxes, Innovation Networks, Competitive Projects and Test Drives. We showcase the winners of our processes and we present some information on their solutions, to energize potential collaborations across the innovation community. The Program’s processes are highlighted on the site, to invite people to participate.

And we invite all to sign up to our distribution list: Direct communications allow IDEaS to reach more than 4,000 innovators every time an important piece of information is available!
And the list is always growing!

Building an innovation ecosystem starts with finding the (b)right people. That’s why IDEaS showcased our program at 167 in-person and virtual events throughout 2019 and 2020. From conferences to trade shows, symposiums to information sessions, IDEaS was on the ground increasing our network of potential innovators.

Strategic Partnerships

As IDEaS seeks new innovators, to help deliver creative solutions to defence and security challenges, the program recognizes that the prospects for ongoing, sustainable success of these innovators can be enhanced both during and after their IDEaS-funded projects.

While IDEaS Projects are underway…

We have several supports in place to help keep successful projects moving in the right direction. Within the scope of the program, we have introduced ways to enhance the prospects for innovators’ success; including elements like Sandbox, to demonstrate their technologies and get feedback from defence and other representatives, and Test Drive, to enable small purchases of a technology for defence users to try it out and evaluate it in various circumstances. To complement these program efforts, we’ve partnered with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise (OSME) to broaden the reach of promotional efforts with their regional networks. By getting the word out about IDEaS, OSME is helping us engage with and attract potential innovators as well as potential collaborators, clients and suppliers for IDEaS innovators. In addition, our partnership with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) helps us connect innovators with valuable information and experts on intellectual property, to help them develop IP strategies for their projects, access information through webinars, and contact regional experts for assistance with their questions.

And after the IDEaS -funded work…

We are lining up supports to complement IDEaS funding, with follow-on funding and services to suit the needs of late-stage solutions. In the coming year, we’re looking forward to hosting our first marketplace for IDEaS innovators, creating a platform to showcase their projects with representatives from defence and security in government and industry, and to give them a chance to connect with other federal departments with funding and services to support late-stage development (including business development) and networking. IDEaS is often represented in speaking panels at major conferences. We’ll use those opportunities to speak to innovator success stories and invite innovators to join in and share their stories. These opportunities for ongoing promotion after graduating IDEaS will help innovators access collaborators, clients and partners to help sustain and grow the success of their solutions. Through our existing, and growing, collaborations with strategic partners, IDEaS is expanding the reach of program and innovator promotions, attracting talented innovators and potential collaborators, clients and suppliers, and helping to advance Government of Canada objectives, including: support for small and medium enterprises; jobs and revenues in the defence and related high-tech sectors (e.g. cyber security, information and communication technologies, advanced manufacturing, ocean technologies, cleantech); and intellectual property development in a global innovation economy. As a program, IDEaS doesn’t just want to support projects, we want to support innovators and their solutions. And we’ll do what we can to help innovators access the funding, services and networks to make successful solutions a reality, both during and after IDEaS.


By collaborating with a variety of departments, individuals, and external resources, IDEaS is able to expand their network. By doing so, more partnerships are formed, allowing for enhanced advancement of technology and solutions for defence and security challenges.



The VISDOC team has been a valuable partner in capturing innovation for the IDEaS program through photos and videos.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team has done an an incredible job at connecting IDEaS with innovators and stakeholders throughout the WEB, Social Media, Strategic Communications, Creative Services and the Defence Team News

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