Annex B – Additional figures on Canadian and Defence Team demographics

Additional figures

This annex provides further graphics that illustrate differences between Employment Equity (EE) representation in Canada and the Defence Team.

Figure 8: Employment Equity Group Comparison (Percent)

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Footnote *Public Service of Canada
Women (All) 54.8%
Indigenous Peoples 5.1%
Visible Minorities 15.7%
Persons with Disabilities 5.3%
Footnote *DND Civilian
Women (All) 41%
Indigenous Peoples 3.4%
Visible Minorities 9.6%
Persons with Disabilities 5.5%
Footnote *CAF
Women (All) 17.87%
Indigenous Peoples 4%
Visible Minorities 9%
Persons with Disabilities 1%

LGBTQ2+ Data not Available

Overall, the Public Service of Canada (all government departments) has greater Employment Equity group representation than the Department of National Defence.

Figure 9: CAF Composition – Employment Equity (EE) Groups

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CAF Composition – EE Groups

CAF – TOTALFootnote *
Population Percentage
White Men 71%
White Women 16%
Indigenous Men 3%
Indigenous Women 1%
Visible Minorities Men 7%
Visible Minorities Women 1%
Persons with Disabilities Men 1%
Persons with Disabilities Women 0%

LGBTQ2+ Data not Available

Figure 9 shows the composition of the CAF according to the four EE groups.

Figure 10: DND Civilian – Occupational Category (Percentage)

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DND Civilian – Occupational Category (Percentage)Footnote *

Scientific & Professional

Men (all) 61%
White Men 50.10%
Women (all) 39%
White Women 33.30%
Visible Minorities 15.30%
Persons with Disabilities 3.10%
Indigenous Peoples 1.30%

Administrative & Foreign Service

Men (all) 47%
White Men 39.60%
Women (all) 53%
White Women 43.6%
Visible Minorities 13.30%
Persons with Disabilities 6.40%
Indigenous Peoples 3.50%


Men (all) 84%
White Men 76.70%
Women (all) 16%
White Women 14.50%
Visible Minorities 5.50%
Persons with Disabilities 4.50%
Indigenous Peoples 3.30%

Administrative Support

Men (all) 22%
White Men 19.10%
Women (all) 78%
White Women 68%
Visible Minorities 8.10%
Persons with Disabilities 9%
Indigenous Peoples 4.80%


Men (all) 81%
White Men 74.70%
Women (all) 19%
White Women 17.10%
Visible Minorities 9.60%
Persons with Disabilities 5.50%
Indigenous Peoples 3.80%

Source: DHRIM–HRMS extract 31 Mar 2020

DND’s civilian component is made up of five occupational categories (excluding the Executive, or “EX” levels). With the exception of the Administrative Support and Administrative and Foreign Service categories, the occupations are predominantly made up of men, of whom most are white.

Figure 11: Canada Employment Equity Group Past/Future Projections - CAF EE Goals (Percentage)

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Figure 11: Canada Employment Equity Group Past/Future Projections - CAF EE Goals (Percentage):

2016 – 2036 EE Projections – CanadaFootnote *

- - Women Indigenous Peoples Visible Minorities Persons with Disabilities
Canada 2016 48% 4% 22% 9%
2021 49% 5% 33% 24%
2026 49% 5% 33% 26%
2031 49% 5% 33% -
2036 49% 6% 44% -
CAF 2021 16% 3% 10% -
2026 25% 4% 12% -

LGBTQ2+ Data not Available

The CAF has set goals for EE representation, but it has failed to meet its own goals for 2006, 2011, and 2016. In addition, the CAF has admitted that meeting its modest objectives for 2021 or 2026 is very unlikely.Footnote 143 Even if those goals are achieved, projections indicate that the gap between representation of EE members in the CAF and Canadian demographics will widen


The data tell us that systemic barriers prevent many women, visible minorities and other racialized groups, and persons with disabilities, from joining, staying and thriving in the Defence Team (there are no data available for LGBTQ2+ persons). However, the available data is inadequate to support the goal of accurately tracking the progress of EE representation. As such, more rigorous and timely data is an urgent requirement if the Defence Team is to measure its performance and identify areas where systemic barriers are hindering diversity and inclusion within its workplaces.

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