We find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Canada's sovereignty, security, and prosperity are no longer guaranteed by the same conditions that have protected us until now. The coming decades will be more competitive and complex than those that came before. We need to be ready.

The objectives and initiatives laid out in this document will help Canada meet this moment and help maintain the security and prosperity that Canadians have long enjoyed, through a robust, world-class military and Defence Team that reflects the full diversity and talent that Canada has to offer.

HMCS MARGARET BROOKE sits in an ice floe during ice sampling procedures conducted by civilian contractors and members of HMCS MARGARET BROOKE in the Davis Strait on March 3, 2022.

Through Our North, Strong and Free, we will build a stronger Canadian Armed Forces that will do more for Canadians, based on a solid foundation and new capabilities to take on new threats. Our military will be focused on its core mission of keeping Canadians and Canada strong at home, by increasing its presence, reach, mobility, and responsiveness across the country, particularly in our changing Arctic and North. It will accelerate and expand the modernization of our continental defences, in partnership with our most important ally, the United States. From a position of strength, it will contribute more to our allies and partners in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific regions, who are facing growing challenges to their sovereignty and way of life. It will maintain Canada's role as a contributor to coalition and multinational missions around the world in support of our interests and values.

Above all, Our North, Strong and Freeis an investment in the sailors, soldiers, and aviators who serve Canada with great courage and devotion at a time of global uncertainty. It will provide them and all Canadians with a renewed vision for our defence in a changing world. Canadians know that when our people in uniform deploy, they and their families make great sacrifices on our behalf. When the Government of Canada calls upon members of our military to deploy, at home or around in the world, they never fail in their duty—and Canada will always do whatever it takes to support them.

We make these investments because the Canadian Armed Forces is our insurance in an ever-changing world. In the decades to come, Canada will see growing challenges to our security and prosperity, from climate-related emergencies to increasingly persistent challenges from adversaries, including in the areas around Canada and North America. Our North, Strong and Free sets the path for meeting these challenges.

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