Reinvestment of Revenues from the Sale or Transfer of Real Property

  • Buildings and sites that no longer meet our Forces’ needs are disposed of to help reduce operating costs.
  • As part of this initiative, National Defence disposed of Downsview William Baker in Toronto, and a parcel of land by 12 Wing Nova Scotia.
  • The revenue from those sales was put into the Consolidated Revenue Fund, to be accessed later for future infrastructure projects.  
  • Through these Estimates, we are taking $5.06 million from this Fund and will reinvest it in various projects across Canadian Armed Forces properties, including:
    • Making Canadian Armed Forces’ properties more energy efficient;
    • Building residential accommodations at Canadian Forces’ Base Comox; and
    • Assessing best practices for Canadian Armed Forces’ living accommodations.

Key Facts

  • The $5.06M in these Estimates consists of:
    • $5M from the sale of Downsview William Baker; and
    • $60,000 from the sale of the parcel of land by 12 Wing Nova Scotia.
  • National Defence owns approximately 20,000 buildings, 11,583 military housing units, 5,500 km of roads, 3,000 km of water works, and over 2.2 million hectares of land.


  • National Defence is continually assessing its real property portfolio to identify surplus properties. If the property is no longer required to support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations or has no value to military members and families, the site will be declared surplus. Once a site has been identified as surplus, the property enters the divestment process. 
  • Before making a final decision on whether to retain, transfer, or sell a property, National Defence considers:
    • Use of the property in support of CAF operations and readiness;
    • Non-operational value to serving military members and their family (i.e., morale and welfare);
    • Use of the property by the local community; and
    • Potential future use by Indigenous groups, various levels of government, local communities, and the private sector.
  • National Defence takes a responsible and responsive approach when considering the transfer or sale of real property. This includes multiple site assessments as well as consultations with local communities, other levels of government, and Indigenous groups.
  • National Defence will reinvest the $5.06 million requested in this transfer into greening projects, Comox apartments, and the Infrastructure and Environment Living Accommodations Feasibility Study.
  • Greening Projects:
    • Net Zero Building with the National Research Council (NRC);
    • Canadian Forces Base Kingston Feasibility study;
    • Bulk National Electricity Initiative with Public Services and Procurement Canada;
    • Smart Buildings Initiative with the NRC; and
    • Compressed Natural Gas Pre-Purchase for Canadian Forces Base Greenwood.
  • Comox apartments: This project is constructing two buildings with 12 two-bedroom apartments each to respond to a shortage of residential accommodations in Comox.
  • Infrastructure and Environment Living Accommodations Feasibility study: This study is assessing the viability of having a centrally-managed authority for furnished National Defence quarters.

Version 5;2020-02-25 – Source: Director Budget draft tab; D Parl A Supps CoW 2019-20 note, “Divestment Program,”

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