Capital Investments in Support of Strong, Secure, Engaged

  • Through Strong, Secure, Engaged, we committed to making significant investments in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • In these Supplementary Estimates, we are requesting $490.8 million set aside in Strong, Secure, Engaged, to help support these commitments.
  • These funds will go towards procurement and infrastructure projects, such as:
    • Upgrading the weapons capabilities on submarines, helicopters, ships and planes, to ensure they are well-equipped for today’s threat environment;
    • Procuring new surveillance capabilities to improve the real-time flow of information;
    • Investing in new satellite and space-based technologies that will improve communications, signalling and location information; and
    • Renovating medical facilities to improve medical, dental, physiotherapy and mental health services for Canadian Armed Forces personnel.
  • These new investments will help deliver on Strong, Secure, Engaged, and ensure our women and men in uniform are equipped to deliver on their mandate.

Key Facts

  • This funding request supports a number of initiatives, including:
    • Special Operations Task Force Command and Control Communications Information System: $31.42M
    • Lightweight Torpedo Upgrade: $25.31M
    • Naval Large Tug Boat: $20.46M
    • Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue: $14.11M
    • Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Support: $7.44M
    • Renovating and expanding the Health Services Centre at Valcartier Garrison: $2.55M


Procurement Projects

  • Procurement projects receiving funding in this line item in support of Strong, Secure, Engaged relate to communications systems, aircraft, surveillance, and vehicles.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Infrastructure projects receiving funding in this line item in support of Strong, Secure, Engaged support renovations to Health Services Centres, and renewing and modernizing infrastructure at Canadian Forces Bases across Canada.

Table 1: Breakdown of funding for capital investments in support of Strong, Secure, Engaged

Description Total
Funding for capital investments in support of Canada’s Defence Policy (ex: equipment, information management and technology, infrastructure, vehicles, Carling Campus, and other minor capital) $195M
Previously-approved and funded capital projects (using lapsed funding from 2018-19) (ex: Light Vehicle Modernization, A/B Jetty Recapitalization, Fixed Wing Search and Rescue, Health Services Centres) $32.95M
Special Operations Task Force Command and Control, Communications Information System (SOTF C2 CIS) $31.42M
Lightweight Torpedo Upgrade $25.31M
Naval Large Tug $20.46M
Funding to accelerate the implementation of projects as a part of Canada’s Defence Policy $20M
CH-146 Griffon Limited Life Extension $19.3M
Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities Project (ACCP) $17.72M
Infrastructure renewal DRDC Valcartier $16.65M
Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue $14.11M
Manned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance $12.18M
Tactical Narrowband SATCOM – Geosynchronous Coverage Project $12.11M
Accommodate 4 Engineering Support Regiment (ESR) – Canadian Forces Base Gagetown $11.73M
Commercial Pattern Armoured Vehicle $10.57M
Automatic Identification Technology project $9.34M
Digital Biometric Collection and Identity Management $8.11M
Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Support (CFEWS) $7.44M
Air Force Expeditionary Capability Program (AFEC) – Air Expeditionary Fly Away Kits $7.05M
Enhanced Recovery Capability $4.74M
Common Heavy Equipment Replacement $3.71M
Tactical Integrated Command, Control and Communications Air Project $2.83M
Renovation and expansion of the Health Services Centre – Valcartier Garrison $2.55M
Naval Electronic Warfare System – Sub Surface $2.09M
Air Force Expeditionary Capability (AFEC) Program – 2 Wing Bagotville $1.78M
Royal Canadian Navy Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Unmanned Aircraft System (RCN ISTAR UAS) Project $1.67M
TOTAL $490.83M

Version 5; 2020-02-24 - Source: Director Budget draft tab

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