Annex B - Operation HONOUR Summary of Achievements and Initiatives with direct impact (by line of effort)



  • StatsCan Survey 2016
  • Operation HONOUR Tracking and Analysis System (OPHTAS) initial operating capability (IOC) reached 1 Oct 18, with final operational capability (FOC) Oct 19
  • Integrated Complaint Registration and Tracking System (ICRTS) implemented
  • MP case management tool, Security and Military Police Information System (SAMPIS) implemented
  • Justice Administration and Information Management System (JAIMS) (Office of Judge Advocate General (OJAG), IOC reached, FOC Sep 2019)
  • Monthly Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (HISB) Statistic summaries for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) posted on-line


  • StatsCan Survey 2018 (StatsCan, main report May 19; detailed Primary Reserve report Nov 19)
  • Your Say Survey 2017, Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC) and Operation HONOUR results (Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis (DGMPRA), Jan 19)
  • Leadership Dynamics Research and Socialization Research (DGMPRA) and Victim Support Research (DGMPRA; preliminary findings Spring 2019)



  • Diversity Strategy Action Plan implemented;
  • Integrated Complaint & Conflict Management (ICCM) – transforming, streamlining and improving the CAF’s Complaint Resolution System established, and Conflict and Complaint Management Services (CCMS) implemented CAF wide;
  • Harassment Instructions and Responsible Officers Guide updated
  • Specially trained Sexual Offence Response Teams (SORT) established  by Canadian Armed Forces National Investigations Service (CFNIS) and specialized sexual assault investigation training for all Military Police
  • Sexual Misconduct Action Response Team (SMART) established by Director Military Prosecution Service (DMPS)
  • CDS (Chief of the Defence Staff) Directive – Retention of CAF Members Affected by Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour (MPC, 15 Jun 18)
  • CDS Direction on Notice of Intent to recommend release and Administrative Reviews for CAF members found guilty of sexual misconduct (SM) under the Criminal Code or the Code of Service Discipline either by a summary trail, court martial or civilian court released (DMCA)
  • CO’s Initial Response to Sexual Assault Tool Kit – information provided to Commanding Officers and available in Mobile App
  • ICCM Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) implemented (Jun 18)


  • CANFORGEN XXX/18: Sexual Misconduct (Pending CDS approval)
  • SM Incident Management Decision Tree (Pending CDS approval)
  • Operation HONOUR Manual v1.0 (Pending CDS approval)
  • Cultural Change Strategy, Campaign Plan Framework (CSRT-SM, 2018), Final Campaign Plan (CSRT-SM, 1 Oct 19) and Development of a PMF with Campaign Plan aligning with the Departmental Results Framework (CSRT-SM, Oct 19)
  • Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 5019-5 Sexual Misconduct, policy update (CSRT-SM, 31 Mar 19)
  • Restorative engagement process under development (SMRC/OJAG, ongoing)
  • Interim Victim Support Policy ‘Gap Fill’ prior to Bill C-77 (OJAG, Dec 19)
  • Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM) implementation of sexual assault case review using the “Philadelphia Model” (CFPM, early 2019)



  • CAF HISB Victim Needs Analysis
  • SMRC launched 24/7 operating model, and SMRC Charter approved
  • Medical Management of SM policy released by CF H Svcs Gp
  • DMPS policy changes (to improve interactions between military prosecutors and victims; increase victim engagement, comfort and safety of complainants throughout court martial process, with respect to sexual misconduct cases)
  • Bill C-15 Strengthening Military Justice in the Defence of Canada Act - (Victim Impact Statement, making an order for restitution) in effect (DMPS)
  • Expansion of the CAF Sentinel program and Strategic framework “Call to Serve 2.0” Completed
  • Development and delivery of new strategy on Spiritual Health and Wellness in the context of culture change


  • CAF Victim/Survivor Engagement Strategy Framework (SMRC, 2019)
  • Provision of Independent Legal Services (SMRC, 2019)
  • Funding to Sexual Assault Centres (SMRC, May 2019)
  • Clarification of Duty to Report (DTR) WG established with action plan due 31 Jul 19 (CSRT-SM) and Expanded Options for Reporting WG (SMRC)
  • Response and Support Coordination Program (SMRC, Definition phase, Jan-Apr 2019, Phase 2 – Partial implementation centralized model, Apr-Nov 2019 and Phase 3 – Implementation of decentralized operation Nov 2019-FOC 2020)
  • Bill C-77 Enhancing Victims’ Rights in the Military Justice System – (Declaration of Victims’ Rights, Victim Liaison Officer) tabled 10 May 18 (OJAG, 3rd reading before Apr 19)



  • Symposium for CAF Senior Leaders and Stakeholders on Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour
  • Completion of CAF Training Needs Assessment, Bystander Intervention Training implemented, Respect in the CAF Workshop implemented, and Respect in the CAF Mobile App released
  • GBA+ training implemented
  • Provision of Defence Ethics Programme support and enhanced training to CAF members
  • Operation HONOUR content added to common leadership programmes, at the Canadian Military Colleges in Apr 17, to CA Ethics Course, and to Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) training programs at Training Establishments
  • Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Leadership, Respect & Honour program implemented
  • National Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Natl CJCR Sp Gp) HQ implementation of training and awareness programs for officers and cadets
  • Peacekeeping/Peace Support Training (lessons and scenarios on sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual violence and women, peace and security) implemented.
  • Soldier Cards and promotional content on Operation HONOUR developed and delivered
  • Internal and External Website providing resources, support, training and education, etc. developed
  • Educational Based Theatre Demonstration Project Conducted in Borden


  • Respect in the CAF Workshops to be expanded beyond 1000 persons with Validation and Audits to be completed (CSRT-SM)
  • Pan-CAF Program Evaluation for all OP HONOUR related training products (CSRT-SM, Dec 19) 
  • Immersive Learning Project (CSRT-SM, 2020)
  • Increasing number of women to 25% of CAF - FY17/18: 860 recruited/enrolled, FY18/19 YTD: 632 enrolled + active offers, percentage of women recruited 18.56% as of 16 Oct 18 (MPC, 2026)
Operation HONOUR - Highlight Initiatives
Service Initiative Description Timeline Remarks
Royal Canadian Navy

Leadership, Respect and HONOUR (LRH) program

Commander Naval Training Systems tasked to oversee the development and delivery of a modernized Divisional System education program, to be included in the CAF curriculum on harmful and inappropriate sexual behavior.

A modularized Common Professional Development System rooted in the Naval Training System. The LRH is an evolutionary not a repetitive program. It is divided into 7 levels, from awareness to Leading and Managing Operation HONOUR through the LRH program. As sailors progress through their career they develop the capacity of understanding Operation HONOUR, and ethics and ethos, to supporting subordinates and preventing incidents through diligence and education of the program.

2016 - Qualification Standard developed.

2017 – Level 1 - 4 development and pilot program for Level 1 & 2 completed.

2018 – Level 3 & 4 pilot program completed.

Level 5 program development.

Level 1 program fully implemented.

2019 – Level 5 program will be piloted and L2 thru 4 will be implemented.

L5 program to be implemented &

Level 6 program will be piloted and implemented.

The RCN integrated Operation HONOUR into a more holistic approach to Leadership and Ethics. In LRH, training the trainer course has been completed and the RCN has a pool of personnel who can teach it when required.

Operation HONOUR within Ship Readiness Training

At every level of ship readiness training, Sea Training run serials where they use themselves as actors to present sexual misconduct situations. Scenarios develop from initial discovery to command team actions. All scenarios consider victim and accused aspects.

- -

Naval Board Integration of Operation HONOUR

Every Engineering, Duty Cox’n, Tech, OOD board has a Sexual Misconduct/Leadership, Respect and Honour (LRH) question. The answer must satisfy the board members before individuals can pass the board.

- -

Senior CPO1’s

Chiefs have been directed to never miss an opportunity to discuss Operation HONOUR/LRH whenever they brief sailors

- -

Canadian Army (CA)

2 Canadian Division

2 Canadian Division Support Group produced a video featuring a victim of sexual misconduct (with member’s consent). The video was used during Senior Leadership development sessions.

This was a great success and received nothing but positive feed-back at all levels.


The member was consulted prior to any use of the video.

Feedback from all sessions were brought to the member, and the identity of the member protected.

Inclusion into Unit Ethics Coordinator Course

The Canadian Army Unit Ethnics Coordinator (UEC) Course is a 2 day course delivered approximately 12 times per year to qualify a minimum of one coordinator in each CA unit (Regular and Reserve). A ½ day module is been added to this course in order to ensure the ethics coordinator can also assist the chain of command on issues regarding Operation HONOUR.

Initiated in 2016 and ongoing with frequent updates to maintain currency.


Inclusion of Operation HONOUR guidance systematically integrated into monthly Formation Comd teleconference with Unit Commanding Officers

Due to the dispersed nature of CA Reserve Formations, some spanning over several provinces, many use monthly teleconference as an opportunity to communicate critical information directly between the Formation Commander and unit Commanding Officers. Several formations have systematically included Operation HONOUR discussions into this monthly cycle in order to ensure the Commander’s intention in regards to Operation HONOUR remains an enduring commitment at the forefront of every unit.

Ongoing. Implementation time has varied between formations.


4 Div CA, Lunch and Learn- Operation HONOUR and OPHTAS

4 Div CA conducted a lunch/learn event to re-emphasize the importance, purpose and use of OPHTAS and Op HONOUR. The activity included both members of the Division Headquarter and subordinate Formations. The event included both key Operation HONOUR messages as well as information on the importance timely and accurate staffing of all reports. This event reinforces a culture of accountability.

January 2019


CACSC integration of Operation HONOUR into courses

The Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) trains CA senior captains and majors in preparation for key unit and formation staff appointments, as well as sub-unit command. The course has incorporated Operation HONOUR material in a number of ways, including the production of service papers on the subject. This re-enforces the importance of Operation HONOUR at a key leadership level.

Ongoing since 2017


Pre-Deployment Training

Operation HONOUR reviews are conducted prior to CA personnel deployment. In particular, material has been included into the readiness confirmation exercise, Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE and the Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) courses, which trains CAF personnel going on small missions.



Royal Canadian Air Force

19 Wing Comox, Defence Woman’s Advisory Organization (DWAO)

DWAO hosted an Educational Forum for all 19 Wing personnel. They brought forward relevant Subject Matter Experts from the Wing and external community to offer their insights and expertise regarding the procedures and regulations that exist relating sexual misconduct.

The intent was to provide an informal educational opportunity for 19 Wing personnel to learn about their rights and responsibilities and better understand the processes for action, regardless of rank, in response an incident of sexual misconduct. This forum provided an environment conducive to the sharing of information while dispelling misinformation that may contribute to procedural missteps if an incident were to occur at 19 Wing Comox.

Initially executed in Dec 2014. The event was held again in 2015, and continues today.

Initiated, planned and executed by a survivor who wanted to help make a difference.

This initiative was started prior to the Maclean’s articles and the External Review Authority’s report.

2 Wing and 3 Wing Bagotville

Introduced a “Lunch and Learn” series with Senior NCMs where ethics, leadership, values, and respect are discussed. The discussions are based around a theme, i.e. Ethical Leadership, Respect, Operation HONOUR using various topics and scenarios.

- -

16 Wing Borden

The Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering introduced the first Student Leadership Council in the CAF with two students from the school as Operation HONOUR Representatives. The council members were challenged to champion ways to improve education and remove sexual misconduct from the subsets of CAF culture.

- -

19 Wing Comox

The Wing developed Promoting Respect in the Workplace; a one day course that focuses on facilitated discussions related to sexual harassment. Based upon the bystander approach, this course offers participants a chance to practice skills through real-life case studies from 19 Wing. The focus is on creating leaders of all rank to stand up against sexual harassment and strengthen the culture of respect in the workplace. Wings across Canada are delivering this material with active Wing leadership involvement.

- -
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff/Canadian Forces Military Police Group

Diversity Ambassador Program

The Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA) Diversity Ambassador Program was founded in August of 2018. Although the program was not specifically set up to address Operation HONOUR issues, it does speak to the core of the issues surrounding sexual misconduct, that of respecting others. The following are some examples of Diversity Ambassador initiatives during the program’s first few months:

  • Joining of the Borden Defence Visible Minority and Advisory Group (DVMAG);
  • Liaising with the Borden Pride Network and organizing a diversity related film and other social activities for members of the CFMPA;
  • Bringing in a guest speaker to educate CFMPA staff during a lunch and learn on disability, which encouraged thoughtful discourse on police response to persons with disabilities;
  • Hosting a diversity themed pot luck with foods representing the numerous cultures of the staff of the CFMPA; and
  • Completion of the Defence Team Positive Space Ambassador Training.

The Diversity Ambassador program compliments the intent and driving forces behind Operation HONOUR in that the team focuses on the education and acceptance of all diversities; including that of sexual orientation, in support of eliminating sexual misconduct within the CAF.

The Diversity Ambassador team has been provided with complete creative control regarding to the organization and execution of initiatives; this has fostered a sense of responsibility when it comes to unit mutual trust, respect, honour, and dignity.


A MCpl and a PO2 became the first members to volunteer for this team and have blazed a trail connecting CFMPA with numerous diverse groups within the CFB Borden and surrounding community.

All staff, students and Command Team of the CFMPA value diversity in the workforce and recognizes that a team that respects the ideals of inclusivity and equality will achieve strengthened morale and ultimately a stronger operational effectiveness.

The work put forth by these members is consistent with the values of the profession of arms and the ethical principles of the CAF; which is also a priority of Operation HONOUR.  

This unit level initiative has directly educated and better prepared the CFMPA for the cultural change concurrently occurring within the CAF.

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