The CAF Journey philosophy–Six Pillars of Support for Canada’s Military Members

The CAF Journey


May 10, 2022 -  Defence Stories

If you have been a Canadian Armed Forces’ member for more than five years, you will have likely heard about The CAF Journey (accessible only on the National Defence network). As with all big ideas, the name may mean different things to different people.

CAF members at all levels should regard The CAF Journey as a “people first” philosophy. It is an institutional quest by the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces to fundamentally change the way CAF members and their families view and experience life in uniform. CAF leadership and those working behind the scenes within Chief of Military Personnel and Military Personnel Command also use The CAF Journey to guide planning through a construct of six pillars that support its philosophical framework; a foundation to continuously implement, modernize and improve personnel policies and programs to better serve CAF members and their families.

The CAF Journey began as a vision of “The journey of those who serve” in 2017 and its guiding principles were grounded in a new way of looking at life in the military; a model that meets the expectations Canadians have of a modern workplace, which was endorsed by CAF senior leadership.

The CAF Journey now represents every interaction a military member may have with the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces over the course of a career, as well as with Veterans Affairs Canada, in post-military life. The CAF Journey is individually unique and is yours.

Institutionally, The CAF Journey supports the reconstitution and enhancement of all aspects of military service and life in the CAF through the following six themes/pillars (links accessible only on the National Defence network):

How does this benefit currently serving and aspiring CAF members?  It means that all elements of CAF recruitment, training, career management and compensation are being continuously reviewed for improvement. It means that CAF policies around performance, career development and promotion are being made better. It means that the CAF is developing a retention strategy and is making other policy changes that will encourage CAF members to stay in the CAF longer. It also means that members are provided ongoing support when they transition to civilian life and through Veterans Affairs.

A number of positive member-centric policy changes have already taken place under The CAF Journey since 2017 and include:

Chapter One of Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE) was the impetus for The CAF Journey and the focus on helping improve the lives of CAF members and their families. The intent is for this to continue well into the future. Visit The CAF Journey website (accessible only on the National Defence network) for updates and more information.

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