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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) strives to maintain a strong and healthy workplace. It is key that your mental and physical health is maintained to prevent putting yourself and others in danger.

What is an addiction free lifestyle

The Canadian Forces Health and Physical Fitness Strategy states that an addiction free lifestyle is one “that does not compromise health and performance with behaviour such as alcohol abuse, illicit drug use, problem gambling and gaming, and tobacco use”. It is important to choose a lifestyle that is about moderation and that stays within reasonable limits. Developing effective coping skills will also reduce the likelihood that you will become involved in potentially harmful behaviours. Moreover, organizational practices and policies promoting healthy practices can go a long way to improving the health of the CAF.

Addiction free lifestyle: It’s a family affair

Studies show that early intervention by parents can prevent substance use. Talking about drugs and alcohol with your kids strengthens family ties and makes kids more resilient. Serious problems related to alcohol and drugs are less likely to develop if kids are able to talk openly and honestly in a respectful and loving environment.

Did you know

Parents who talk to their children and monitor their activities can reduce the likelihood of them using drugs.

Top 10 tips for an addiction free family:

  • Communicate with your children to help them make sound decision-making skills
  • Develop a support network within your family by showing love, listening to concerns, and being prepared to help when asked
  • Know your facts. If your children have answers about substance abuse and you don’t know the answer, look it up together
  • Set rules. A family works best when it sets rules and responsibilities
  • Be a good role model. The things you say and do can have strong influence on other members of your family
  • Share your feelings about important things
  • Spend time together to make your family ties stronger
  • Raise the issues of alcohol and drugs; don’t be afraid to bring up this topic
  • Watch for signs of substance use and address them early
  • Solve problems together. Use the combined strengths and skills of all family members to address important issues

Alcohol, other drugs, gambling and gaming awareness training

This training is designed to increase one’s knowledge and understanding of a variety of issues related to alcohol, other drugs, gambling, and gaming. This course is based on an interactive adult learning approach where each topic is delivered in two hours. You can choose from more than one topic area depending on your needs and interests.

Topics areas:

  • Substance Use 101
  • Alcohol: Staying within the Guidelines
  • DWI – Driving While Impaired
  • Keeping Your Parties Safe
  • Drug Use 101
  • An Introduction to Gambling
  • Internet Gaming
  • Taking about Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Gender, Military and Substance Use

Contact your local Health Promotion Office to learn more.

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