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Cadet365 will help Cadets and Staff work and collaborate with colleagues remotely, including chat and video conferencing. To make this experience as easy as possible, find answers to frequently asked questions below:

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General information

  • What is Cadet365? 

    Cadet365 is Microsoft Office 365 deployed for CJCR. It is a cloud-based suite of business tools such as, Word, Excel, OneNote, MS Teams and many others. This solution is being deployed to facilitate work from personal devices, improve collaboration for CCO members, and provide an alternate training delivery system.

  • What is Microsoft (MS) Teams?

    Microsoft (MS) Teams is a component of Microsoft 365. It is a collaborative toolset to help you and your colleagues communicate. It provides an easy-to-access bridge between those working in a full-time office setting and those working at home or from other remote locations such as Corps/Sqn personnel. You can use Microsoft Teams to hold web conferences (audio, video and chat), to share information and resources.

  • Who will use Cadet365 and for what purpose? 

    Cadet365 will be used for CTC(Virtual) for the delivery of virtual training. Following that, Cadet365 will be used by all Corps/Sqn for their own virtual engagement requirements (with Microsoft Teams) and also to collaborate and share resources and information among staff, cadets, and parents.

    Staff will have access to their CCO Net email through Cadet365, from their personal asset or mobile device.

  • How do I get a Cadet365 account? 

    The Cadet365 team will contact you directly to notify you that a Cadet365 account has been created of your behalf. Your log in information and the details to activate your account will be emailed to you once your account has been created. During the initial onboarding period accounts will be provided to those identified as staff and cadets attending CTC(Virtual). Following that the project team will follow a phased approach to roll out accounts to all members and cadets.

  • When will I get access to Cadet365?

    Cadet365 will be introduced in a phased approach, with the priority being CTC(Virtual). The onboarding process will begin once staff and cadets have confirmed their availability for CTC(Virtual) 2021. Accounts will be distributed in batches, however we are looking to have all users set-up in advance of the start of contracts/CTC. 

    The intent is for all adult staff to be on-boarded throughout the summer of 2021 but onboarding of all cadets should only start after the summer and extend over a certain period of time. Onboarding of parents (as guests) will start at a later date that have yet to be determined.

  • How secure is Cadet365?

    The Cadet365 environment was customized for CJCR’s needs. It was assessed by both the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and DIM Secur. A number of security measures have been included in this solution, including active monitoring.

  • How can I get more information on the project? 

    More information will be provided through different channels (chain of command, email,, etc.) as it becomes available.

Get ready for Cadet365


  • How long does the set-up process take? What do I need to be prepared?

    Once you receive your temporary password from the Cadet365 onboarding team, setting up the account only takes a few minutes. Note: you will need access to a phone or tablet in order to use the two-factor authentication login, even if you are accessing from a laptop or desktop.

  • Which web browser should I use? 

    Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser.

  • What are my ''Bring your own device'' (BYOD) security obligations- do I need any special antivirus installed?

    There are no specific requirements other than ensuring that your device is kept up to date, for both its operating system and browser application. Please consult and follow guidance from Get Cyber Safe to limit the risk of compromise of your device.

  • Are there any security risks to my personal devices?

    Microsoft Office 365 products are reputable and tested for security. Additional security measures required by the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) are also in place. However, users are advised to always follow best practices for cyber security, including ensuring your personal device's operating system and web browser are up to date. For shared family computers, you are asked to create a separate, dedicated user account and lock your sessions with a password when you are away. For more details on security best practices Get Cyber Safe.

  • Since I have my own Microsoft account at home, can I use it to access Cadet365 MS Teams?

    No, you will not be able to use your personal Microsoft account or applications to access Cadet365. You require a Cadet365 account.

  • Will my GCCOLLABORATION.GC.CA account from last summer work for Cadet365?

    No, you will not be able to use your account or applications to access Cadet365. You require a new Account.

  • The sign-on procedure is aking me for personal information such as my cell number, do I have any other options?

    The personal information requested is limited to only what is required to enable multifactor authentication and for you to reset your password yourself. If you do not wish for your cellphone number to be used, there is an Authenticator Application which you can install. Under no circumstances will a service desk technician contact you requesting your personal information. Please be mindful of social engineering attempts (using psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information), phishing and other scams!

  • I am getting an error message trying to log into, what might the issue be?  

    If you have already logged in using another MS account, you need to logoff and flush the browser cache. Then try logging in again with cadet credentials.  

    Make sure you are using a compatible browser (Edge or Chrome).  

  • Can I log into Cadet365 if I am already logged in with another MS 365 account? 

    Using more than one Microsoft 365 account is possible but can cause some problems.  

    • We recommend dedicating one browser (Microsoft Edge) for cadet-related work and another one (Chrome) for your personal browsing.  
    • Clear the cache of your "cadet browser" before connecting to Cadet365.  

    Teams for PC does not support two accounts. However, the mobile app does. 

  • I already have the Teams application on my PC.  Can I use it with Cadet365?  

    Yes, but you will need to sign off from your existing account beforehand. Teams supports only one work/school account (such as Cadet365) and one personal account.  At time of writing (June 2021), it does not support two work/school accounts.   

  • I have an old computer with Windows 7.  Can I use it for Cadet365?  

    Support for Windows 7 was discontinued by Microsoft and makes it vulnerable to threats.

    Learn more about the system requirements for Cadet365. (You are now leaving the Government of Canada website)

  • Can I use Internet Explorer (IE) with Cadet365?  

    Internet Explorer lacks some modern features that are required for Cadet365 to work properly. We strongly encourage you to use Microsoft Edge.  

    An Internet Explorer Mode is built in Edge for accessing legacy systems (such as DLN).  

  • Can I use Cadet365 outside of Canada? 

    Currently Cadet365 is only available within Canada. If you require access while outside of the country please contact your chain of command.

  • How do I change the multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my Cadet365 account?

    Refer to the Microsoft user guide. (You are now leaving the Government of Canada website)

Staff cadets and cadets

  • How will I be contacted?

    Cadets will be contacted via the e-mail address entered in Fortress. Be cautious you are only opening e-mails from recognized sources, and if you are concerned about the origin of the e-mail, contact the IT Service Desk for further instructions.

  • How do I make sure my account can be created?

    Cadets must have an up-to-date e-mail address and a phone number entered into Fortress in order to create their accounts. The e-mail addresses must be unique to each cadet, and accessible from the device they intend to use for CTC(Virtual). 

    Contact your unit staff if your e-mail address requires updating.

  • How do I find out when my course starts?

    Contact your corps/squadron staff for more details.

  • Can I use my school e-mail address to receive my Cadet365 login credentials?


Adult staff members

  • How do I make sure my account can be created?

    For adult staff, ensuring that your CCO Net account is active is the first step in ensuring you will receive your Cadet365 account.

  • How will I be contacted?

    Staff will be contacted through their CCO Net addresses. Be cautious you are only opening e-mails from recognized sources, and if you are concerned about the origin of the e-mail contact the IT Service Desk for further instructions.

  • Should I use a personal device to access this solution?

    Yes. Cadet365 can be used with both your personal or CCO devices, from laptops to phones and tablets. Users accessing through their personal devices will have access to all tools, including MS Teams and will reduce the strain on the networks. If using a CCONet device, you will require VPN connection, or be on-site, in order to access Cadet365. 

  • How do I verify cadet information in FORTRESS?

    In the cadet personal file, under Personal Information – Contact Information make sure that the cadet has ONLY ONE email listed. The email must not be shared with other cadets. For example, if the Bloggings Family has 3 cadets they cannot share one email ( as they will each require a different one to be used when creating their Cadet365 credentials. 

  • My team wants to continue using other commercial tools rather than migrate to this new Teams environment. Is it mandatory that I use Cadet365 and MS Teams?

    Until Cadet365 is available to all corps and squadrons current solutions can continue to be used. The interim videoconferencing solutions of GoToMeetings and WebEx will be phased out once all adult staff have accounts on Cadet365. The CJCR is recommending that staff start using Cadet365 for business activities as it is made available to them throughout the phased roll out. By all joining a common Cloud environment, the team will be able to better leverage collaboration tools and provide a common and supported platform for all personnel. 

  • Can I install Teams on a CCO computer?  

    Yes, you can install Teams through the Software Center.

  • Can I configure auto-forwarding in Cadet365?

    Auto-forwarding of emails is not possible due to Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) guardrails. If you have an auto-forward to DWAN, it will no longer work. 

    Your migration process will be simplified by turning your auto forwarding off once you receive notification of your mail migration.

  • Can I access my corps/squadron mailbox using Cadet365?

    Cadet units’ shared mailboxes will be migrated starting Fall 2021. In the meantime, it is possible to access shared mailboxes using the Outlook application through Remote Desktop or a CCO computer.

  • Can I send emails as my corps/squadron?

    “Send as” feature will be available again for migrated users once the corps/squadron’s shared mailboxes will be migrated, starting Fall 2021.

  • Can I use Apple Mail or my own mail application with Cadet365?

    The only supported application is Outlook for desktop, mobile or web.

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