13-29 – Administrative Procedures – Social Issues

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This order serves as an administrative guide for situations where a cadet or an adult supervisor is facing social issues.


Adult Supervisor

An Adult Supervisor means an Officer of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC), a member of another component of the Canadian Forces (CF) employed in support of cadets or while instructing cadets, a Civilian Instructor (CI), or a civilian contracted to deliver specialized training to cadets.

Cadet Duty

  1. participation in, or attendance at, an authorized cadet activity or period of instruction; and
  2. proceeding to and returning from the place where a cadet activity or period of instruction is performed, other than:
    (1) a parade,
    (2) a demonstration,
    (3) an exercise or other activity, or
    (4) a period of instruction, conducted at a local headquarters.
  3. for further clarity, cadet duty shall commence once a cadet has reported to the recognized adult supervisor at the designated location for the commencement of a cadet activity. Cadet duty shall end at the designated time and location for completion of the activity. Cadet duty includes travel from one cadet activity to another cadet activity provided such travel is explicitly authorized as part of the cadet activity. Cadet duty excludes travel prior to the commencement of an approved cadet activity and travel subsequent to completion of the activity

Social Issues

For the purpose of this order, social issues refers to Child Abuse, self-destructive thoughts/behaviour, attempted suicide and suicide.

Administrative procedures

2. Procedures to follow in case of suspected Child Abuse are outlined in Annex A.

3. Procedures to follow in case of self-destructive thoughts/behaviour, attempted suicide, or suicide during activities defined as cadet duty are outlined in Annex B.


Annex A

Administrative Procedures – Child Abuse

Annex A - Appendix 1


Annex B

Administrative Procedures – Self-Destructive Thoughts/Behaviour, Attempted Suicide or Suicide

Annex B - Appendix 1

Procedures in Case of Self-Destructive Thoughts/Behaviour

Annex B - Appendix 2

​Procedures in Case of an Attempted Suicide

Annex B - Appendix 3

Procedures in Case of Suicide

Annex B - Appendix 4

​List of Intervention and Prevention Resources in your Community​

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