2008-0 Public Affairs

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

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  1. Identification
  2. Abbreviations
  3. Definitions
  4. Policy
  5. Protection of Personal Information
  6. Publication
  7. References

1. Identification

Date of Issue: 2021-02-17

Date of Verification: 2022-04-22

Application: This is an order that applies to members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and a directive that applies to Civilian Instructors and employees of the Department of National Defence (DND) employed within the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR).

Supersession: n/a

Approval Authority: This order is issued under the authority of the Comd CJCR.

Office of Primary Interest (OPI): CJCR HQ COS

Enquiries: CJCR Senior PAO

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CJCR Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers
DAOD Defence Administrative Orders and Directives
DND Department of National Defence
HQ Headquarters
JCR ​Junior Canadian Rangers
PA Public Affairs
PAO Public Affairs Officer
RCSU ​Regional Cadet Support Unit

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3. Definitions

Issue. See DAOD 2008-3, Issue and Crisis Management.

Public Affairs. See DAOD 2008-0, Public Affairs Policy.

Internal Communications. Internal Communications refers to the communication of information to internal audiences including operational and administrative purposes such as Operations Orders, CANCDTGENs, Directives, call for nominations and training opportunities, REOs, etc. Public Affairs supports internal communications. 

4. Policy

4.1 The CJCR will:

  1. inform the public of its policies, programs, services, activities, operations and initiatives in a manner that is accurate, complete, objective, timely, relevant, understandable, and open and transparent within the law;
  2. take into account the views and concerns of the public when planning, developing and implementing policies, programs, services and operations;
  3. fully integrate PA into the decision-making process for policy development, program design, and program delivery; and
  4. coordinate PA planning and program delivery, including communication to internal audiences in support of internal communications where practicable.


4.2 The CJCR will:

  1. embed the principles of openness, transparency and accessibility into the day-to-day operations of the CCO, while respecting the constraints to openness imposed by legislation and regulation;
  2. embed into the CJCR chain of command responsibility for fully integrating PA, into the decision-making process for policy development, program design, and program delivery; and
  3. establish procedures for the proactive management of communications related to issues and crises placing priority on identifying problems, advising the chain of command, implementing solutions, and promptly informing the public in a complete, accurate, and transparent manner of what the CJCR is doing to address the issues and why.

4.3 Commanding Officers at all levels are responsible for the application of CAF public affairs policies for their respective units.

4.4 In accordance with QR (Cadets) 2.33, the CAF, the Cadet Leagues, and Cadet League–supervised support committees will provide each other maximum support and recognition in all speeches, publicity, events and other activities pertaining to the Cadet Program. It is understood that this applies to public announcements.

4.5 In accordance with the Canadian Armed Forces and Cadet Leagues Memorandum of Understanding (2020), CJCR and the Cadet Leagues share the responsibility to promote and communicate information about the Cadet Program.

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5. Protection of Personal Information

Privacy Act

5.1 The protection of personal information under the Privacy Act and in accordance with DAOD 2006-1, Procedures for the Safeguarding and Authorized Disclosure of Information in the DND and the CAF, must be maintained at all times.

5.2 Personal information is defined in section 3 of the Privacy Act and includes information relating to the race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, marital status, medical, criminal or employment history, home address or blood type of an individual.

5.3 When it relates to current cadets/JCRs, the following is not considered to be personal information and can be included in communications:

  1. rank, name, position and function; and
  2. unit number, name and location.

Public Affairs Guidance

5.4 Public Affairs Guidance for specific issues management scenarios must be adhered to.

6. Publication

Frequency of Publication

6.1 Annual or more frequent review and updates, as required.

Errors/Omissions or Suggestions

6.2 Users of CJCR Gp Orders are encouraged to identify any errors, omissions or suggested orders to the attention of CJCR HQ J1 Policy.

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7. References

Source References

Related References

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