2008-2 Public Affairs – Media Relations

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

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  1. Identification
  2. Abbreviations
  3. Definitions
  4. Policy
  5. Media Interview Requests
  6. Media Interest Generated From Significant Incidents
  7. Publication
  8. References

1. Identification

Date of Issue: 2021-05-17

Date of Verification: 2022-04-22

Application: This is an order that applies to members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and a directive that applies to Civilian Instructors and employees of the Department of National Defence (DND) employed within the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR).

Supersession N/A

Approval Authority: This order is issued under the authority of the Comd CJCR.

Office of Primary Interest (OPI): CJCR HQ COS

Enquiries: CJCR HQ Senior PAO

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CCO Canadian Cadet Organizations
CO Commanding Officer
CTC Cadet Training Centre
DND Department of National Defence
PA Public Affairs
PAO Public Affairs Officer
RCSU Regional Cadet Support Unit

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3. Definitions

Cadet Leagues. The Navy League of Canada, the Army Cadet League of Canada, and the Air Cadet League of Canada are collectively referred to as the Cadet Leagues.

Media relations. See DAOD 2008-2, Media Relations and Public Announcements.

Official capacity. See DAOD 2008-2, Media Relations and Public Announcements.

Regional or National Media. The term “regional” or “national” media refers to media outlets that have a provincial/territorial or larger reach within the audience. 

4. Policy


4.1 The main objective of PA is to ensure that Canadians are well-informed and aware of the role, mandate, operations and contributions of the CAF, including those of the CCO.

4.2 It is critical that information provided to the public by the CAF and CCO is accurate and up-to-date. It is also important that the principles of operational security outlined in DAOD 2008-2, Media Relations and Public Announcements, judicial processes as well as federal laws such as the Privacy Act are followed in accordance with DAOD 2006-1, Procedures for the Safeguarding and Authorized Disclosure of Information in the DND and the CAF

4.3 PA and communications activities are a joint responsibility between the corps/squadron CO who represents the CAF and the Local Committee who represent the Cadet Leagues.

4.4 Appropriate visibility and awareness of the Cadet Program through local media is key to attracting youth and ensuring community support.


4.5 In accordance with QR (Cadets) 5.52, Communications to News Agencies, the communications to news media will be limited to informational announcements of upcoming events to which the public are invited, special activities, or honours and awards presented to cadets. Any other media release or media engagement must be approved by the chain of command.

4.6 CAF Members and DND employees must read, understand and comply with the full DAOD 2008 series, which governs Public Affairs and Public Affairs Activities .

4.7 Prior to the release of local articles, media advisories, media releases or any other PA product to attract media attention, the RCSU PAO is to be engaged and authorization received by the CO RCSU.

4.8 For the period of CTC the CO RCSU may delegate the approval authorization to the CO of the CTC as outlined in CJCR Gp Order 2008-4, Public Affairs at the Cadet Training Centre.

4.9 For regional or national media coverage, the Comd CJCR is the release and approval authority. Requests for regional or national media coverage is to be transmitted through the chain of command and PA network concurrently.

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5. Media Interview Requests

5.1 In line with DAOD 2008-2, Media Relations and Public Announcements, CAF members may, in their official capacity, agree to be interviewed by the media provided it is to speak about their experience, their role within their official capacity or an activity or event they coordinate.

5.2 When a media request is received, personnel:

  1. may seek advice and support from their PAO, when desired or when in doubt about how to respond;
  2. may respond or refer the inquiry to their chain of command;
  3. must refer questions that fall outside of their personal experience or expertise to their chain of command; and
  4. must inform their PAO in advance of the interview, or as soon as possible following the interview.

5.3 All other questions or information requests from media should be referred to the RCSU PAO.

5.4 Cadets may participate in an interview if they and their parents/guardians consent. Parental consent is only required if the cadet has not reached the age of majority. Corps/squadron COs will ensure that cadets are aware that they are to respond only to questions related to their personal experience or expertise. Corps/squadron COs are to seek advice from their PAO on briefing a cadet prior to any interview.

6. Media Interest Generated From Significant Incidents

6.1 Media interviews concerning a significant incident, issue or crisis are to be performed by subject-matter experts authorized by the Comd CJCR in accordance with CJCR Gp Order 1001-1, Significant Incident Report.

6.2 All members must obtain authorization from their RCSU before disclosing any information involved in a significant incident.

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7. Publication

Frequency of Publication

7.1 Annual or more frequent review and updates, as required.

Errors/Omissions or Suggestions

7.2 Users of CJCR Gp Orders are encouraged to identify any errors, omissions or suggested orders to the attention of CJCR HQ J1 Policy.

8. References


Related References

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