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The Directorate of History and Heritage is our military history team. But it is not the only place to learn about Canada’s military history. We also work with others who study this topic.

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Canadian Military History Group

The Canadian Military History Group (CMHG) is a bilingual group for people interested in military research. Its members form the Military History Research Group of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA).

The Research Group sponsors sessions and a military dinner each year at the CHA Meeting.

All members of the CMHG also belong to the Canadian Commission of Military History.

International Commission of Military History

The International Commission of Military History (ICMH) promotes military history research, publication and education on a global basis. It focuses on the history of warfare and of armed forces. The ICMH also studies:

  • military leadership
  • military technology
  • defence economics
  • civil-military relations
  • the causes and effects of war
  • the demographics of military forces

For details, visit the ICMH website.

Canadian Committee for the History of the Second World War

This bilingual group is Canada’s part of the International Committee for the History of the Second World War. It studies all aspects of the Second World War. The Committee sets up conferences, and publishes books and a newsletter. For details, write to:

Greg Donahy
22 Downing St
Ottawa ON  K1S 2W1

Canadian Nautical Research Society

The Canadian Nautical Research Society (CNRS) is part of the International Commission of Maritime History.

It publishes The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du nord. This is a quarterly academic journal. It publishes on all aspects of the North Atlantic and North Pacific. Subscribers are all members of the CNRS, and they also get the newsletter Argonauta.

The Society sets up conferences and promotes the study of maritime history. For details, write to:

Canadian Nautical Research Society
PO Box 511
Kingston ON  K7L 4W5

Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre

National Research Council Campus
Bldg M-23
Ottawa ON  K1A 0K2

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