Remembrance Day | 13. Laying of wreath


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Wreaths may or may not be a part of a commemorative service, though they are very common on November 11th and during ceremonies of remembrance. The “wreath party” normally consists of a dignitary (wreath layer) and the wreath bearer but may contain more. The wreath bearer should walk to the left and slightly behind the person who is to lay the wreath.

The wreath laying ceremony is as thus. The “wreath party” will approach the monument or cenotaph, briefly pause, exchange the wreath, place the wreath, step back, pause for a moment of reflection (military personnel will salute), turn to the right and walk or march off.

The order in which wreaths are laid may vary to suit the ceremony at international, regional and/or local levels. However it is imperative that a wreath representing Canada be laid before all others.



A-AD-200-000/AG-000 The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces, Chapter 1, Annex A


The regulations concerning the order of precedence as published by the Department of Canadian Heritage is too lengthy to reprint here. However all info may be found using the DHH website link or the Department of Canadian Heritage website.

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