Remembrance Day | 8. Remembrance Day ceremonies


A-AD-200-000/AG-000 The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Armed Forces, Chapter 9, Paragraph 1-9

  1. The following dates are commemorated by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF):
    1. Remembrance Day – November 11th;
    2. Battle of the Atlantic Sunday – first Sunday in May;
    3. Battle of Britain Sunday – the Sunday falling within the period 15 to 21 September.
  2. Other days may be commemorated by units as appropriate.
  3. Care shall be taken to include veterans and other former members of the military “family” in all commemoration events organized by the CAF.
  4. The CAF will support veterans and other organizations interested in initiating ceremonies observing military anniversaries by providing support within available resources.
  5. The participation of CAF members on memorial parades is subject to King’s Orders and Regulations Article 33.01. Refer to Part B below for reference
  6. A commanding officer (CO) shall order memorial parades for all ranks to take place on November 11, Remembrance Day. However, the CO may cancel the parades if the unit is on minimal staffing or if sufficient CAF members from the unit are involved in a comparable ceremony, such as the National Ceremony in Ottawa.
  7. In Her Majesty’s Canadian (HMC) Ships When parades and ceremonies cannot be held in HMC ships in accordance with paragraph 6, a period of two minutes silence commencing at 1100 hours (local time) on 11 November shall be observed, if feasible. HMC ships in company with ships of Commonwealth or foreign navies shall observe Remembrance Day by ceremonies arranged mutually with ships present.
  8. Flying of Flags. Flags shall be flown at half-mast at all defence establishments from sunrise until sunset on 11 November, Remembrance Day, other than at the National War Memorial or a place where remembrance is being observed, then the flag can be flown at half-mast from 11:00 or according to the prescribed order of service, until sunset.
  9. Gun salutes – Gun salutes shall be fired at designated saluting stations, as prescribed in Chapter 13, Section 2, paragraphs 9 and 17.



King’s Regulations and Orders, Chapter 33 Chaplain’s Services, 33.01- Religious Services, Paragraph 2

  1. An officer or non-commissioned member shall not be required to attend a parade that is primarily devoted to a religious service unless, subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), it is in connection with Remembrance Day ceremonies, Battle of Britain Sunday, Battle of the Atlantic Sunday, a military funeral or a service of a civic or memorial nature.

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