Consulting Canadians on flexible work arrangements

Current status: Closed

The consultation on flexible work arrangements took place between May 16 and June 30, 2016. We would like to thank everyone who gave us their comments during this consultation. The online survey that was available during this period is no longer active.

Please consult the Flexible Work Arrangements: What was Heard report, which summarizes the feedback we received throughout the consultation.

Consultation objectives

Both the workplace and society are changing and many Canadians find it difficult to balance work and family or other personal responsibilities. Flexible work arrangements, such as flexible start and finish times or the ability to work from home, can help employees balance these often competing responsibilities.

The Government pledged to amend the Canada Labour Code to allow workers in federally regulated sectors to formally request flexible work arrangements from their employers. As such, we have been consulting with Canadians to explore which flexible work arrangements would help them better manage the demands of paid work and their personal and family responsibilities. We have also been seeking views on which tools and methods should be used to ensure that a right to request flexible work arrangements, and any related initiatives, are effectively implemented.

Your valuable feedback will help us put in place measures related to flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of working Canadians and their employers.

You can read the discussion paper on flexible work arrangements or contact NC-TRAVAIL_FLEXIBLE-FLEXIBLE_WORK-GD@HRSDC-RHDCC.GC.CA for more information on this consultation.

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