About the Labour Standards Program

This program administers and enforces labour standards in federally regulated industries through education and compliance activities. Federal industries include:

  • interprovincial transportation
  • post office and courier companies
  • telecommunications
  • banking
  • grain handling
  • nuclear facilities
  • federal Crown corporations
  • companies that have contracts with the federal government, and
  • some First Nations employers and employees

When an employer declares bankruptcy or becomes subject to receivership, the program reduces the economic insecurity of workers through:

  • the protection of wages and vacation
  • severance, and
  • termination pay

This program also provides employees with several rights and protections that help improve flexibility in the workplace, such as:

The Labour Standards Advisory Committee provides the Labour Program with strategic advice and expertise to address policy and operational issues. These issues relate to the labour standards in federally regulated industries and workplaces.

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