Infographic: Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Evaluation

Infographic about Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Evaluation. The full description follows the image on this page.


By providing working Canadians and their families with a reasonable minimum level of income in the case of retirement, disability or death, the CPP has a positive effect on the well being of Canadians and significantly reduces the risk of poverty.

The CPP supports building a stronger and more inclusive country by improving Canadians’ standard of living and quality of life.

  • Retirement pension to working Canadians
  • Disability benefits to the contributor and their children when a disability prohibits working
  • Pension-sharing and credit-splitting for couples
  • Benefits to survivors in the event of a contributor’s death

Recent trends

  • Almost 100% of eligible Canadians receive a CPP retirement pension by age 70
  • The CPP retirement pension represents more than 75% of total CPP benefits paid
  • Women now make up more than 50% of all beneficiaries due to increased presence in the labour force
  • Beneficiaries over 80 years of age have increased by 53%
  • CPP retirement pension benefits now comprise 20–25% of seniors’ retirement income

Recommendations to improve the program

  • Address factors that slow benefit processing times
  • Improve Service Canada’s website navigation
  • Increase understanding of the program among Indigenous peoples, older seniors and working age Canadians
  • Provide strategic information to enhance program performance data

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Employment and Social Development Canada / Emploi et Développement social Canada

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