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3. Assessment

Your Foreign Credential Recognition project will be assessed on the following criteria:

Objectives of the Foreign Credential Recognition Program (FCRP)

The objectives of the FCRP are:

  • to develop and strengthen Canada’s foreign credential assessment and recognition capacity
  • to contribute to improving labour market integration outcomes of skilled newcomers, and
  • to support interprovincial labour mobility

Expected project results

The ultimate outcome for each project submitted to the Foreign Credential Recognition Program is to improve Canada’s foreign credential recognition systems, improve labour market integration outcomes of skilled newcomers, and/or enhance labour mobility in targeted occupations and sectors.

To accomplish this, each FCR project should have its own stated objectives, activities, and results (outputs and outcomes). Proposals should identify how objectives and activities will achieve the intended program results. Results must be specific, concrete and measurable. Applicants will be required to report to ESDC using key performance indicators to monitor progress achieved against the project’s stated objective(s), over the project lifecycle.

The FCRP works with partners and stakeholders to achieve the following results:

  • immediate outcomes – Enhance foreign credential recognition processes (for example, reduce number of steps to complete the process) and support labour mobility to better integrate skilled newcomers; Skilled newcomers gain Canadian work experience, and get financial and employment support in skilled occupations
  • intermediate outcome – Skilled newcomers are working in skilled occupations and in their field of expertise
  • ultimate outcome – Skilled newcomers have improved employment outcomes

Results of the project must include (at least one of) the following:

  • barriers reduced for foreign credential recognition
  • skilled newcomer provided with Canadian work experience in their intended field of work, and/or
  • labour mobility facilitated between jurisdictions in Canada for targeted sector or occupation

Assessment criteria for FCRP proposals

The criteria used to assess proposals for the Foreign Credential Recognition Program (FCRP) will focus on the following:

  • The degree to which proposed activities support FCRP objectives and priorities
  • The need for proposed foreign credential recognition activities
  • The organizational capacity and track record of the applicant
  • Demonstration of support required for success, and
  • Value for money

Funding amounts for foreign credential recognition (FCR) projects are determined by factors including:

  • Scope and duration of activities
  • Validation of reasonableness and fair market value of proposed expenditures
  • Importance of projected expenditures to success
  • Reasonableness of overall cost given projected outcome/s
  • Other sources of funding

Employment and Social Development Canada assesses the proposed costs based on experience and analysis. Changes are sometimes negotiated where necessary to ensure that the level of funding is the minimum the recipient will require to attain the expected results.

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